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Searching – Movie Review


With a story that takes place entirely on computer and smartphone screens, Searching is quite the intriguing experiment. And it’s well worth watching!

The thriller follows David Kim, a man on a desperate search for his missing daughter. By utilizing all the social media platforms we know so well, the film taps into our innermost fears in a haunting and effective manner. It’s amazing how watching a cursor navigate a profile could be so suspenseful, but director Aneesh Chaganty milks the script’s tension for all its worth. It’s an extremely gripping experience (with a couple of twisty delights along the way).

Thankfully the film is also backed by a strong emotional core. As the desperate father, John Cho is a very likable lead. Searching is actually the first mainstream Hollywood thriller headlined by an Asian-American actor, and Cho is a terrific choice to lead the film. Will and Grace’s very own Debra Messing also delivers a surprisingly impressive turn as the detective assigned to David’s case. I’m so used to seeing the actress in a comedic role, but her dramatic chops are just as solid. Plus she has what is probably the coolest name of the year: Detective Rosemary Vick. I smell a potential TV series!


Packed with creativity and suspense, Searching is a compelling mystery with a whole lot of heart.

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