Supergirl – American Alien (Season 4 Episode 1)

"If I was still vengeful, I'd blame Superman for tearing this family apart. Okay, I'm still vengeful."


Season three of Supergirl started out with such promise, then devolved into a mess of epic proportions (probably because there was a showrunner change behind the scenes). Thankfully, season four is off to a good start… so far!

The best thing about this premiere is that it’s very timely. All the anti-alien hate is shockingly similar to the rampant discrimination in present day America, and it works beautifully within the context of the show. Look no further than Kara stumbling upon the underground computer network brimming with rage  as people spew their hate and viciousness. It’s insanely chilling!

Alien America is also wise in its evolution of Kara. Our heroine used to be the new one in the office, so it’s a real treat to see her step into the Cat Grant role and mentor Nia Nal (charmingly played by Nicole Maines who will soon become the first ever transgender superhero on TV). It’s just refreshing to see a new dynamic play out – one that conveys just how much our protagonist has grown over four seasons.

But the best thing about this premiere? The introduction of the gorgeous​ Rhona Mitra as Lex Luthor’s former head of security, Mercy Graves. Mitra is an absolute badass and her introduction is superb. Her brother Otis (played by Robert Baker) is also an intriguing addition to the cast. His brutal attack and slicing the tusks off Dr. Vos was just terrifying. These two definitely make for an intriguing addition to Supergirl’s rogues gallery.

Super Bits

– Loved the teaser with Supergirl zipping across the world solving one crisis after another while also speaking a bunch of different languages.

– Lena says Sam is in Metropolis. I do hope Oddette comes back because she was the bright spot of season three and it boggles my mind that the show wrote her out. #MakeItReign

– Aliens have to use face changers now to get jobs…. and they’re produced by none other than Lena Luthor herself.

– I love how Mercy and Otis deal with Supergirl during their first fight. They neutralize her with the sound thingy, bind her legs, and shoot her out of the window before sending her crashing down into a crater. So so epic.

– I liked Brainy in small doses last year but he’s no Winn. Also, his dynamic with Alex is just dull.

– Mama Luthor is back! Woohoo! I just love Brenda Strong and her face when she realizes that Lena sold her out (to save Olsen no less) was everything. 

– Why is J’onn still on the show? I’m afraid the show won’t know what to do with him this year now that he’s left the DEO.

-The Alex vs Mercy fight was good but too dark. More light next time please!

– Brilliant moment: Mercy shooting Otis to trick Kara.

– I almost forgot the President was an alien so having her revealed to the entire world is a great development.

– Mercy’s very Agent of Liberty murders J’onn’s friend. It’s quite effective as I thought she was sticking around for a while.

– The episode’s cliffhanger is phenomenal. Season three ended with another Kara in Russia, and the ending reveals that same Kara punching a wall below the train that Kara saved in the teaser.

Quips & Kara

Lillian: Oh, dear. I hope I didn’t have that same expression when you showed up this afternoon.
Lena: No, Mother, your face was a mask of enigma as usual.
Lillian: It’s what keeps me looking young.

Brainy: I miss my friends, too.
Alex: I’m sorry, I didn’t even think about that. And you left them behind.
Brainy: Well, technically, they’re ahead.


An effective premiere that salvages the final stretch of season three. Let’s hope the show can maintain this quality.

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