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Siren – Series Premiere

"Family rule: You can say whatever the hell awful thing you want in private, but in public This is a face that keeps Mommy in nice shoes."


I didn’t expect Siren to have such a strong pilot, but this is a very entertaining start.

The story of a mermaid who washes up on shore in a quaint little town, Siren features a really immersive sense of place. The town of Bristol Cove is a place you’d actually want to spend more time in, and that’s a very encouraging sign for the pilot. It transports you to the show’s world smoothly and efficiently.

As the protagonist of our story, Eline Powell is pretty great as Ryn the mermaid. Her wide-eyed curiosity and apparent vulnerability mask a ferocious streak – it’s refreshing to see mermaids being portrayed as powerful and somewhat vicious beings instead of the cliché fairytale crap (remember how ridiculous they were on Charmed?). Alex Roe is also good as the marine biologist who discovers Ryn, but it’s Powell who is the real standout here performance-wise.

Finally there are enough hints of intrigue for a season-long arc that ensure our investment. Of course there’s a military conspiracy (are you really surprised?), but the premise is intriguing enough to get me to return for a second hour.


It’s not a thought-provoking drama, but Siren is off to a solid start.

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