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Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse – Movie Review

"How many more spider people are there?"

We’ve had six Spiderman movies since 2002, in addition to the web-slinger’s much-hyped appearances in Civil War and Infinity War. Across those films, we were introduced to three actors donning the Spider-Suit: Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and Tom Holland. Can the world possibly handle six more versions of the character in a single film no less?

The answer is a resounding hell yes! Into The Spiderverse is a delightfully unique creation that’s more than just another animated film; it’s a witty and gorgeously realized adventure that’s got heart, thrills, and tons of creativity. By weaving together the story of multiple Spidermen (and Spiderwomen and Spiderpigs (??)), the film gets to subvert cliches at every turn. This is a wickedly fresh take on the superhero, and that’s saying something after a decade of repetitiveness. Hell, even the villains have been invigorated with Doctor Octopus re-imagined as a cunning female scientist. Bravo!

But it’s not just the film’s script that’s top-notch, the visuals are astounding. You might think you’ve seen the best that animated films have to offer, but Spiderverse employs a unique blend of hand-drawn techniques and computer animation to create something truly special. This film’s a visual treat in every way with bursting colors and impeccable camerawork (yes even in an animated film, the camera glides in effortlessly creative ways). Everyone behind the scenes is in fine form here, and it shows in every single frame.


An innovative take on an iconic superhero, Into The Spiderverse is a bonafide success.

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