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The Passage – Series Premiere

"I didn't used to believe in monsters, but I do now."
THE PASSAGE: L-R: Saniyya Sidney and Mark-Paul Gosselaar in THE PASSAGE premiering midseason on FOX. ©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Steve Dietl/FOX

The Passage is so generic it’s painful to watch.

You’ve seen it all before: a shadowy government conspiracy, a contagious virus, a reluctant hero, and a little girl could be the key to saving mankind. You’d think in this era of peak TV (with streaming platforms popping up with new content every week) that traditional networks like FOX would try a little harder but alas…there’s not a hint of originality or creativity here.

The one bright spot? Little Sanniya Sidney is so good as Amy Bellafonte – the heroine of the story. In fact, she goes above and beyond the material with her fantastic charisma and exceptional talent. Less impressive is Mark-Paul Gosselaar as her protector Brad Wolgast. He’s your typical action-show protagonist reeling from a traumatizing loss and a complicated personal life. I know the show is based on an acclaimed novel but it’s like they’re not even trying.

Oh and if you were hoping the action would salvage the show (as can often be the case), it would be best to look elsewhere. Ain’t nothing memorable here in the slightest – just generic set pieces, tedious plotting, and people speaking in exposition at every turn.


A dull pilot episode from a show that lacks both ambition and character. Avoid!

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