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Happy! – Series Premiere (Saint Nick)

"You just don't get it, do you? My life is an ever-swirling toilet that just won't flush."

Well that was insane, in an awesome sort of way.

Happy! has an absurd premise: an alcoholic ex-cop and occasional hitman is recruited by a young girl’s imaginary friend (a blue-winged unicorn called Happy) after she is kidnapped by a deranged Santa. Yes it’s as ridiculous as it sounds but somehow… the show makes it work thanks to its hilarious set pieces and whacky dialogue. This show knows its absolutely bonkers right out of the gate, and unlike lesser shows, it commits to its premise 100%. It’s not for everyone of course, but if the above logline intrigues you, you just might enjoy this pilot as much as I did.

In the show’s corner is the tremendous Christopher Meloni as disgraced detective Nick Sax. I was never a fan of Law & Order so I’ve never really been exposed to the actor apart from guest-appearances on other shows, but he’s just badass here. His Nick Sax is basically a superhero (albeit one who is always drugged up and drunk), and he’s a hoot to watch. Meloni is completely comfortable in the show’s many (and very bloody) action sequences, and he’s also equally believable while trading barbs with the show’s CGI character, Happy. Yes, Meloni basically has entire conversations with himself and he’s excellent.

It also helps that Happy is voiced by the great Patton Oswalt who imbues the imaginary unicorn with so much life and humor. While the CGI used to bring the creature to screen isn’t the best, the charisma between the duo is off the charts! You’d think the show would be a total flop, but it’s packed with creativity and wit.


Darkly funny and deliciously violent, this pilot is an entertaining delight.

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