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Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt – Series Finale (Kimmy Says Bye!)

"Look, pretty much every woman in America has been kidnapped or MeToo'd since you. Nobody wants to read about that stuff anymore."

The last time I wrote about Kimmy, I reviewed the show’s excellent debut season. Although I never wrote about the comedy again, I was a loyal fan all the way till the end. The show had its weak stretches to be sure, but it never faltered when it came to its reliably witty dialogue and lovable characters. And thus, the series finale is upon us. But does it live up to the show’s hysterical legacy?

Pretty much! First the good stuff: the ending to Kimmy’s character arc is quite perfect. Her fantasy novel “The Legends of Greemulux” becomes a breakout success (that even spawns a huge amusement park), and in the finale’s most powerful moment, a young boy thoughtfully tells her that her book makes him “feel safe”. It’s such a powerful message, particularly with all the darkness that Kimmy has endured on her own journey. The fact that she can make others feel so safe is immensely inspiring and fitting. It also helps that Kimmy’s mother (played by the iconic Lisa Kudrow) makes a return appearance. I don’t think their dynamic was ever developed as thoroughly as it should have been, but it was still a wonderful bonus.

Jacqueline’s ending however is a head-scratcher. Of course Jane Krakowski is up to the task and delivers a hilarious performance as she’s always done, but I don’t like that her story had to end with finding a man. Couldn’t she evolve a bit more than that after four seasons? I would have loved for her to become a hotshot CEO and have that be the source of her happiness (after so many failed relationships). Also puzzling is the love interest himself Eli Ruben – a character who was only introduced in the penultimate episode. Sure the dynamic between Krakowski and Zachary Quinto is effective, but imagine how much more impactful their relationship (and the blind reveal) would have been if he had been around since the season premiere. It’s a missed opportunity if you ask me.

Titus fares a bit better. It’s extremely satisfying to see him in The Lion King on Broadway, and even more heartwarming to witness him NOT take out his elderly overstudy (who still suffers a shocking accident). However, his ending with Mikey is so darn predictable there’s literally not a single surprise to be found. I would have expected a bit more creativity or boldness where the show is concerned because if you didn’t see this ending coming, you haven’t been paying attention all season long. Thankfully, Tituss Burgess knocks all his one-liners out of the park with skillful ease.

And there’s Lillian. The landlady gets a super bizarre (but admittedly appropriate) subplot with her trying to kill herself in a demolition “splosion” after the apartment is closed down. It’s a dark storyline, but this has always been a comedy based on some really disturbing subject matter. Watching Carol Kane become the kooky new voice of New York’s Subway System is just whacky enough to work and makes for a hugely entertaining bookend to her story.

Kimmy Quotes

Titus: So who’s my overstudy, and how hard will they be to destroy emotionally, poison, or push down a flight of stairs?

Kimmy: Lillian, stay here and guard our stuff. I’m gonna get that money, even if I have to hook for it.
Lillian: And what do you think that means?
Kimmy: Be a pirate.

Kimmy: So if people want my story, I’ll give it to them. All of the bunker stuff. Like the time the string broke and we lost a LEGO astronaut up the Reverend’s butt.
Jacqueline: Forget about books. You’re like Idris Elba and his rap music. Stop trying to give the world something no one wants. Just take your shirt off and call me a dirty girl with an English accent.

Kimmy: What if I got all four Mole Women together? They owe me from bunker. And Gretchen just got out of jail. The president pardoned her for being white and a six or above.
Jacqueline: Look, thanks to the Internet, anyone can get famous if they have a camera and a baby that laughs at sneezes.
Kimmy: (laughs) I haven’t seen that one.
Jacqueline: But if you’re desperate to make money, there is one thing that men will always pay for.
(Kimmy looks confused)
Jacqueline: You know. The oldest profession?
Kimmy: Dinosaur lawyer?

Titus: He obviously wants me to make a big scene and whisk him away, like in that white movie where they end up on a bus.
Lillian: The Graduate?
Titus: No, Speed.

Kimmy: Lookit, I don’t understand how any of this works with two guys. Like, who drives?
Mikey: Whoever doesn’t call shotgun.
Kimmy: But I do know one of you needs to be the woman right now and actually deal with your emotions.

Eli: I almost hate to kick you out of here.
Jacqueline: What?
Eli: I just signed a lease on the place. We need somewhere to hide our female agents after they give birth just until things get tight!

Kimmy: Call me Andy from Toy Story, ’cause you’re gonna have a woody for my buzz.

Eli: All my clients’ kids are reading your book right now. LL Cool Jr., Tiny Lee Jones, Egg Paltrow.


It’s not perfect, but there’s enough charm and laughs here to make this a worthwhile series finale to one of the finest comedies of the past few years. I’m really going to miss this show! Dammit!

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