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Whiskey Cavalier – Series Premiere

"You remember my sexy British friend here? She'd say "hi," but she's lost a lot of blood."

There’s nothing particularly bad about ABC’s new action-comedy Whiskey Cavalier, but there’s nothing special here either.

The story of an FBI agent and a CIA agent who must lead an inter-agency team of spies while navigating some predictable sexual tension, ABC’s high-profile action-comedy is as generic as they come. Its spy hijinks are obviously inspired by Alias (one of my favorite shows of all time), but they’re only half as impressive. There are no wow moments here – just the requisite gun fights and stale fight choreography.

On the bright side, Scott Foley and Lauren Cohan make for a pair of effective co-leads. The former has some forced moments since his character Will Chase is in the midst of a very dramatic breakup, but Cohan is immediately engaging as a kickass super-spy. It also helps that the show is filmed on location in Europe which lends the narrative a great deal of authenticity and visual splendor. Moreover, it’s an easy-to-digest show in every sense of the word. Whereas spy sagas like Alias and The Americans are often convoluted and overwhelming, Whiskey is super easy to follow and entertaining in a brainless sort of way.

I am however surprised by the show’s choice in title (“Whiskey Cavalier” is Will’s codename.) Frankie is his equal on the show and Cohan is plastered all over the marketing materials. So why is she not represented in the title? It’s an ill-advised move, and it has me curious as to why Cohan was so eager to leave The Walking Dead for a show that has her play second-fiddle for no apparent reason.

Oh, and watch out for Ugly Betty‘s Ana Ortiz who pops in for a scene-stealing supporting turn.


Whiskey Cavalier is a generic spy show that is watchable thanks to a pair of strong performances and a breezy tone.

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  1. I haven’t seen it yet! But I just want to say, I thought I was reading the NYT OR WSJ! Your writing is amazing!

    1. Thank you Randa! Much appreciated. Let me know what you think if you end up watching it 🙂

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