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The Good Fight – The One About The Recent Troubles (Season 3 Premiere)

Words can’t express how happy I am to have The Good Fight back on my screen. Yes, this is the show that topped my Best Shows of 2018 list, so you can imagine how high my expectations were.

Admittedly, this is a somewhat strange season premiere. Robert and Michelle King are really going all out with the wackiness, and that’s never been more evident than watching Diane have a conversation with Kurt’s buckshot wound (that looks and sounds like Trump). It’s such a bizarre scene, and yet it works because the show has been efficient in building up Diane’s Trump paranoia over the course of the past two years.

Most impressively, this premiere allows the The Good Fight to tackle #MeToo to glorious effect. Liz’s dad is revealed to be Weinstein-esque, and it’s a chilling discovery that rocks the foundation of the entire firm. It also gives Liz what is probably her most impactful storyline, and Audra McDonald knocks it out of the park as the distraught daughter whose entire world is turned upside down. The storyline itself features a number of unexpected beats such as the stenographer who refuses the settlement money (because she doesn’t want to taint Carl Reddick’s reputation), and Cromley (Reddick’s secretary) accepting the settlement as she apologizes to Liz for ruining her image of her father. It’s all very powerful and handled with a great deal of care and nuance.

Even Maia’s subplot is strange (in a good way). The whole cornea/tears shtick starts out sitcom-y but climaxes in hilarious fashion as Maia adopts a confident new vibe thanks to Marissa’s shades. In fact, my favorite moment in the entire episode is Maia telling everyone to “own it” in the meeting as we cut to Adrian quoting her with his client. Here’s hoping the show gives Rindell an intriguing arc this season as she’s always been my least favorite part of the show.

The premiere also features the return of Keesha Sharp who made a delightful splash as Naoimi in Day 436. Sharp is so good in the role, and it’s going to be a hoot watching her butt heads with Diane (who reveals in the episode’s final moments that she has a “story” for her about the President). Maybe add her to the cast full time? Fingers crossed.

Bits & Cases

  • A new season means new opening credits – and they’re as phenomenal as ever. How does the show keep topping itself every year?
  • I believe the episode titles this season are a spoof of Friends. Why else would this episode be called “The One about the Recent Troubles.”?
  • Julius’ reaction to Lucca breastfeeding in her office is everything.
  • I can’t decide what’s more insane: the fact that Kurt goes hunting with the Trumps or that he signed an NDA after getting shot. Poor Diane.
  • Even more proof that the show is going absolutely bonkers: the animated NDA song.
  • Never has putting vases by the window felt like such a gamechanger.
  • The ND-8. Ha!
  • The partners giving Lucca the divorce lawyer “promotion” was eerie wasn’t it? Notice the POV shot of the three creepily smiling at the new mom.
  • Hey look Colin’s mom is back!
  • Priceless scene: Maia rejecting the guy in the elevator and embracing her newfound power.
  • Does anyone feel like the show is setting up a Jay/Naomi romance? I sure sensed some sexual tension there.
  • Maia’s website is just hysterical. Also, did “younger, tougher, smarter,” feel like a Captain Marvel nod to anybody else too?
  • The camera lingering on the other assault survivors in the final frame definitely means we haven’t heard the last of them right?

Good Lines

Diane: I’m happy. Am I ridiculous?
Kurt: You like narrating your life.
Diane: You know, there are psychological studies that say, when people are happy, they look desperately for things to make them unhappy.

Kurt: What are you doing?
Diane: Figuring out whether to watch a German series about serial killers or a Scandinavian series about serial killers.

Diane: What has happened to men? Where did the real guys go? Why do we now have these snide little creatures with slicked-back hair and cologne? What happened to Paul Newman and Burt Lancaster? What happened to men who were slow to anger, and responsible, and wouldn’t cry like whiny little bitches?

Trump: Would you really be that shitty?
Diane: Hey, I learned from the best.


Although it’s now weirder than it’s ever been, The Good Fight is still enormously clever TV in every way.

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