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The Good Fight – The One Inspired By Roy Cohn (Season 3 Episode 2)

"Welcome to the thunderdome."
Episode 302 — Pictured (l-r): Rose Leslie as Maia Rindell; Michael Sheen as Roland Blum of the CBS All Access series THE GOOD FIGHT. Photo Cr: Patrick Harbron/CBS ©2018 CBS Interactive, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

The One Inspired by Roy Cohn will forever be remembered as the episode that introduced us to Michael Sheen’s Roland Blum. Yes his character is that memorable. Whether we like him or not… is entirely irrelevant.

The way the character is introduced says it all: his first scene has him injecting botox into his face while receiving a blowjob (from someone who is instructed to remove their teeth). Yes let that sink in – it’s a jarring introduction and it’s eventually overshadowed by a ton more theatrics that range from Blum taking off his pants in front of Maia (as a naked asian guy walks by), to giving his new protege a dope lollipop and taking her to a strip club. It’s all absolutely insane, and yet it’s ridiculously entertaining thanks to Sheen’s commitment to the role. I have no idea if the show will drop the ball with the character in coming weeks, but so far, I’m intrigued to see his dynamic with Maia evolve further. God knows it gives her character something to do (which is something The Good Fight has often struggled with).

You know what else works? Liz encouraging Lucca to step up and take over matrimony law at the firm, and the ensuing fireworks with Boseman. First it’s extremely empowering to see the women support each other, and second it’s a real delight to have some professional conflict between Liz and her ex-husband. Is Boseman sexist? There are some unsettling undertones to his words, but the show handles it with its usual deft.

Diane’s arc continues to be a captivating journey as she has to deal with the revelation that Kurt’s new job comes courtesy of the Trumps. The sequence with our favorite lawyer at the Republican fundraiser is absolutely incredible, and that’s all thanks to Baranski’s immaculate performance. She’s just as impressive while unleashing her fury in aikido and then channeling that rage into axe-throwing (after her teacher hilariously tells her she’s too aggressive). As for our weekly dose of shades of grey, Diane has basically ruined Tara’s life in her fight against the President, and that just makes her an even more complex protagonist. There’s no black or white on this show.

Bits & Cases

  • How badass is Baranski in those aikido scenes? No stunt double required!
  • Lucca’s son farting after her heartfelt monologue is just a hysterical bookend to the scene.
  • Coolest low-key moment: Diane and Liz proudly smiling at Lucca after she gets the job.
  • Blum’s choice of words with “pussy” and “snatch” was a bit much. Sometimes Michelle and Robert King do go overboard.
  • The show is wisely using Francesca in small doses. I love how she gets Lucca all her new divorce clients.
  • Blum’s takeout menu trick with the judge (as the jury watches on) is insanely clever.
  • Love Lucca getting Marissa to uncover the Kavanaugh tidbit and taking our her competition in the process.
  • Maia’s cool sunglasses are still in the game!
  • The episode’s final moment with Diane uttering the words “I’m sorry” to the video of Tara getting attacked by the press is fantastic.

Good Lines

Kurt: And I’ll be doing what I think is important, and it allows us to be together, and that trumps everything else.
Diane: Oh, don’t use that word!

Maia: My father’s in prison.
Blum: Oh, I got news for you, Mary Jane so are you. The difference is, your father knew what it was like to be free.

Sales lady: Hello, this is sales.
Francesca: I should warn you, I can out-talk you and I’m bored.

Francesca: Hey, why don’t I arrange a Sip and See?
Lucca: Uh, a – Sip and See.
Francesca: They come and see the baby and sip mint juleps until they’re drunk.

Blum: Oh, you’ve never driven a Rolls before, have you?
Maia: No. No, I haven’t.
Blum: Okay. It’s towards you and down. But be gentle, you know? Like it’s your girlfriend’s snatch.

Blum: Okay, you want to know my plan for tomorrow? Improvise. See, facts pointless. You’re there to paint a picture, not give a book report. I tell you, “Oh, I got some facts I want to share with you.” What does your mind do? It shuts down. It’s homework. But I say to you, “Oh, you won’t believe who got caught fucking her husband’s urologist,” oh, you’re all ears. Stories beat facts every time.


Anothor week, another brilliant and enormously well-written episode of The Good Fight. Wow!

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  1. My wife and I started to watch and turned it off. I hate political manipulation (good or bad)disguised as entertainment We also found it to be rude in many ways( do we really need to hear some of the more obvious crude verbiage)? We were looking forward to this season. We’ve enjoyed the show to this point but I can find that kind of word Porn anywhere. Plus I thought this was a legal show. The ridiculous antics in the courtroom would never be allowed in real life.
    It’s turning into a bad fight.

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