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The Good Fight – The One Where Diane Joins The Resistance (Season 3 Episode 3)

"Clients always do it. The only difference is some are easier to get off."
“The One where Diane Joins the Resistance” — Episode 303 — Pictured (l-r): Christine Baranski as Diane Lockhart; Kate Finneran as Valerie Peyser of the CBS All Access series THE GOOD FIGHT. Photo Cr: Patrick Harbron/CBS ©2018 CBS Interactive, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

One word: wow.

I keep waiting for The Good Fight to fall apart. Surely the show can’t possibly maintain such perfect quality for three seasons straight right? But it certainly feels like it will never not produce a phenomenal hour.

First off, Diane. A lesser show would have had Diane join the “resistance” a long time ago, but The Good Fight has been carefully building to this moment since the pilot. Even more awesome is the return of the NSA guys from The Good Wife. There’s always a sense of uneasiness when they’re involved, particularly when they drag Diane into the NSA’s crosshairs. Moreover, Diana continues to slide down a dark path, this week lying to her group-members after their leader disappears and urging them to continue “the good fight” (yes I got a kick out of hearing the show’s title in her speech). I can’t wait to see what further havoc the resistance wreaks next.

I think watching Liz hire Lucca as her divorce attorney is probably the best subplot the former has ever gotten (after the NDA stuff which speaks as to how awesome this season is). I’m always a fan of characters coming together instead of running off in their own disparate subplots, so this is a gem of a storyline. It’s a particular delight watching Lucca prep Liz and Adrian, and then watching the former spouses sink even further while testifying amidst all the half-truths. But the cherry on top is Lucca learning about the “payments” and being completely disappointed in Reddick’s tainted legacy, as well as the firm’s attempts to cover it all up. This is going to get wonderfully complicated people.

I’ve heard rumblings that this might be Michael Sheen’s final hour on the show, and if that’s the case, he at least got one heck of a memorable final scene screaming at Maia in the middle of the firm. Thankfully, she fights back and it’s super empowering to watch Rindell let loose and smash a laptop herself. Not so great is her snapping at Marissa too but I can’t fault the show for finally giving Rose Leslie something fun to do. Maia getting arrested at the end however is a wonderful little cliffhanger.

Bits & Cases

  • Delightful visual gag: Lucca noticing Blum asleep in the elevator.
  • Cyanide in school lunches? Is Diane still micro-dosing? Because what else explains these bonkers news reports.
  • The fact that Liz thinks Maia is a second year associate. Oops.
  • I love that Marissa is getting such a big subplot now that she’s in charge of running Julius’ judicial campaign. This storyline actually makes his character more tolerable.
  • Maia’s descent into darkness continues as she gets her colleague’s office.
  • This week’s short about the Russian troll farm might just be my favorite yet. The lyrics are insanely clever.
  • Favorite scene of the week: Diane and Blum facing off. Him asking her for a blowjob at the end is just nasty.
  • Love how Michael Urie’s Stephen has a soft spot for Diane and doesn’t want her shipped off to some black-site.
  • Loved the flashback to Liz singing to a bed-stricken Adrian. These two have such a tremendously layered relationship.
  • The morning after pill was quite the bombshell huh?
  • Creepy touch: whenever the NSA dudes flag someone, that profile literally flies to the side and goes “upstairs”. So ominous.
  • Epic moment: Maia grabbing Blum’s face and using it to unlock his phone through face id.
  • Tamberla Perry is just great as the no-nonsense judge Charlotte Hazlewood. Even cooler is her very confidently giving Adrian her phone number. I guess we’ll be seeing more of her!
  • The only false note in the hour: that Blum song at the end. Why?
  • So was Valerie really a con-woman? Cause I think she was sent to that black site.
  • Way to read a fake text Diane!

Good Lines

Blum: You know, Jonas Stern was a good friend of mine.
Diane: That makes sense.
Blum: Oh, he loved talking about you. About being your mentor. And by “mentor,” I mean fuck buddy.
Diane: It’s always good to talk to a dinosaur. Reminds me how much things have changed.
Blum: Oh, yes, yes, #MeToo. Changed everything, didn’t it? I mean, you saved the world from having to watch Weinstein shower.

Stephen: I don’t want Diane to end up at some black site.
Dev: No, they don’t do black sites anymore. They do, um, sweet little bed-and-breakfasts in Costa Rica, or something.


Incredibly entertaining and beyond clever, this is a phenomenal hour of The Good Fight.

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