Killing Eve Season Premiere TV Review

Killing Eve – Do You Know How To Dispose Of A Body? (Season 2 Premiere)

"You can see scary people a mile away. It's the good people you have to worry about."

Expectations are sky high for Killing Eve‘s sophomore season after last year’s breakout debut (for the record, I loved that badass first season). Rest assured, the show is back and as brilliant as ever.

Thankfully, the Powers That Be behind the show have not lost sight of what makes this show special: a distinct focus on character (instead of plot) and deliciously dark comedy that’s unlike anything else on TV. It’s true that Sandra Oh won every award imaginable last year for her title role, but Jodie Comer is still outstanding as the sadistic serial killer Villanelle. In fact, she gets this premiere’s best moments as she strikes a friendship with Gabriel, a young boy recovering from a traumatizing accident, only to snap his neck by episode’s end. It’s interesting to note that the murder is equal parts shocking, but also extremely predictable and so in-character after everything we’ve seen the villainess do. Wow.

To make matters even more complicated between our two ladies, Villanelle actually believes that Eve stabbed her out of love. It’s such an insanely twisted notion, and I really can’t wait to see where the show will take this duo next.

Stabby Bits

  • I love that this season starts “30 seconds later”. It’s a delightful break from shows constantly using in media res openings (five years earlier etc…)
  • Intercutting Eve filling up on candy with Villanelle dragging her bloody self across Paris is an inspired and oh-so-bizarre choice.
  • How fantastic is the airport scene as Eve realizes she still has the knife in her pocket. The oyster excuse is particularly resourceful.
  • I adore how crafty Villanelle is. She fools the doctor into believing her husband is an abusive detective, and she escapes the hospital on a wheelchair after pretending to have just been diagnosed with something terminal. Hilarious.
  • Little touches that are brilliant: Villanelle getting disgusted before slipping into the Crocs, and the visual gag of her having obtained the lollipop and sticker. #YoungAtHeart.
  • I really enjoy Fiona Shaw’s performance as Carolyn. I can’t tell if she’s a sweet old lady or evil incarnate.
  • My favorite scene of the week (that literally had me laughing out loud) is Villanelle lying to the poor lady and telling her that her obviously-dying husband will be making a recovery. Why would she do something so heinous? Because she has no compassion ladies and gents.
  • Burgers in a morgue. Wow.
  • Another laugh out loud moment: Eve being relieved when the phone ringing ends up being a guy selling windows. The way she asks him for more details is hysterical. Even he is shocked!
  • Eve’s husband needs to go. He’s dreadfully boring (but I guess that’s the point).
  • Our week’s cliffhanger: Villanelle in the trunk of that family car. Will she be slaughtering them all next week? I wouldn’t put it past her.

Killer Quips 

Gabriel: No way! A man stabbed you?
Villanelle: A woman stabbed me.
Gabrielle: Women don’t stab.
Vilanelle: I know. It surprised me too.

Villanelle: You’re really good at stealing. You should do it more.
Gabrielle: You’re funny.
Villanelle: Yes. I am funny.

Villanelle: Do you have any money, Gabriel?
Gabriel: No.
Vilanelle: Do your parents have any money? Are they coming to visit today?
Gabriel: They died in the accident.
Villanelle: That’s not helpful to me, Gabriel.

Gabriel: Is it bad? Tell me the truth. Please.
Vilanelle: You sure?
Gabriel: Yes. Vilanelle:
It’s really bad. You look like a pizza.

Carolyn: He did have a pedicure.
Eve: What?
Carolyn: Once a week.
Eve: A pedicure?
Carolyn: Don’t be sexist, Eve. Men can look after themselves too.‚Äč


A razor-sharp script and a ton of momentum make this a phenomenal season premiere. Welcome back!

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