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The Good Fight – The One With Lucca Becoming A Meme (Season 3 Episode 4)

"When you fire that bullet, it will start a war."
“The One with Lucca Becoming a Meme”Ê– Episode 304 — Pictured: Christine Baranski as Diane Lockhart of the CBS All Access series THE GOOD FIGHT. Photo Cr: Patrick Harbron/CBS ©2018 CBS Interactive, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

It’s the rare episode of TV that makes you think but that’s exactly what this episode does.

Only The Good Fight can tackle race in such a thought-provoking manner. Whether it’s Lucca being harassed at the park by a strange woman, or Adrian and Liz contemplating racism at the firm, the show tackles the topic with a hefty dose of nuance and care. It genuinely made me question if Diane is racist for not knowing the names of slain black kids, or if Marissa really does deserve to make as much money as Jay. Speaking of Jay, this might be his strongest storyline yet; watching the investigator blow the lid on pay disparity was immensely satisfying, as was his fight with Adrian and Liz. Please don’t drop this storyline anytime soon show!

But really the scene with Lucca getting harassed in the park has to be the most heartbreaking thing of all time. It in fact starts out in comedic fashion with Lucca sarcastically responding to a nosy woman, and soon escalates into a full-blown viral video where Lucca has to defend her right to her son. Even more heartbreaking? This video of Cush Jumbo saying that she’s experienced the same kind of discrimination in real life.

As for Maia, I love that the show has taken the risk of getting her fired. Here’s hoping she doesn’t come back to the firm and explores new avenues instead. I do wonder through if the show can keep her interesting when she’s not orbiting around the rest of our cast (she’s always been the weakest link). But if anyone can pull off a status quo change, it’s Robert and Michelle King. God knows they pulled off a lot of these gamechangers on The Good Wife on a regular basis.

Bits & Cases

  • I love that Diane now has Liz joining those resistance meetings.
  • Cartoon nazi frog short? I’m down for that!
  • Lucca getting all those hateful emails was just sick.
  • Hey look Frank Landau is back! I really hated him on The Good Wife so it was a pleasure to see Marissa put him in his place.
  • I love that Julius defended Marissa. Too bad he probably lost the judgeship as a result.
  • Cush Jumbo does so much in the scene where she’s asked to talk to the new hires. She doesn’t speak, but just looking around and noticing the all-white room speaks volumes.
  • More priceless moments this week: Marissa asking Lucca if she thinks she’s a racist, Diane trying to memorize the names, Marissa peeing for Maia, and Liz actually voting for firing Maia. Wow.
  • The country singer who at first refuses to take a stance is I believe the Kings’ take on Taylor Swift. Also, the resistance using her trans sister was just ruthless.
  • Perfect moment: Maia walking into the room and asking for Marissa as everyone judges her for overlooking Jay. Wow.
  • A tearful Diane firing Maia (as Lucca watches on) was really gut-wrenching to see. Diane is her godmother after all and the one who got her the job.

Good Lines

Woman: You should put a scarf around him.
Lucca: He doesn’t like scarves.
Woman: Did he tell you that? When you get home, you should give him Tylenol right away so he doesn’t get a cold.
Lucca: Yeah, that’s not how Tylenol works.
Woman: I’m guessing that you haven’t been a nanny for very long.
Lucca: I found him at Whole Foods near the bulk peanuts. I like peanuts.
Woman: Is that a joke?
Lucca: Okay, strange baby. Let’s go. Time to sell you on eBay.

Adrian: I have to worry about the racists I can see. When I solve that, I can turn to the racists I don’t see.

Marissa: Next time you want to make a point, slam the door!

Adrian: The ugly truth, Liz: women are valued less than men because we think the men can leave us for better paying jobs. And black people are valued less than white people because we think the white people can leave us for better paying jobs.

Liz: Adrian, you act like I am arguing with you and I am not. All I know is that we may not want to pick at that scab, but someone else will.


Insightful and thought-provoking, here’s another winning hour from The Good Fight.

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