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Pet Sematary – Movie Review

"Sometimes dead is better."

Pet Sematary might just be the most ridiculous movie of all time. How ridiculous? I found myself laughing out loud through the climax, and unlike Us, I don’t think it’s what the film was aiming for.

Based on Stephen King’s acclaimed 1983 novel (which also became a 1989 movie), Pet Sematary is the story of a family discovering a supernatural graveyard behind their new home. The premise is intriguing, and the misspelling in the title is cleverly explained, but the film struggles to stay afloat. The plot is often tedious to sit through because it moves at such a glacial place; nothing happens for long stretches of time. When you find yourself checking the time during a horror movie, you know something’s off!

Cast-wise, Jason Clarke and Amy Seimetz try to muster up some sparks as the main couple at the center of the story but they’re just dull to watch. Equally unimpressive are the film’s child actors; there’s a wealth of young talent in Hollywood but Jeter Laurence and Hugo Lavoie are sadly not up to the task. Much more entertaining is Trial & Error‘s John Lithgow as the neighbor with a sinister secret. If only he was the film’s lead!

The best thing about Pet Sematary? The ending is a breath of fresh air and wholly unexpected. Unfortunately, it’s too little too late and it can not salvage the mess that came before.


A barely amusing but ultimately unfulfilling horror flick. You can do better if you’re shopping for nightmares.

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