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The Good Fight – The One Where A Nazi Gets Punched (Season 3 Episode 5)

"Your head is like a sculpture. I want to cut it off and put it on my desk."
“The One where a Nazi Gets Punched” — Episode 305 — Pictured (l-r): Cush Jumbo as Lucca Quinn; Nyambi Nyambi as Jay Dipersia of the CBS All Access series THE GOOD FIGHT. Photo Cr: Patrick Harbron/CBS ©2018 CBS Interactive, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Who knew such a hysterically-titled episode could be so impactful? Actually I knew, because The Good Fight is physically incapable of producing a subpar episode.

Yes Jay addressing the camera in the middle of a riot is a kooky choice, but it’s also wildly effective after all hell breaks loose and our characters (Luca included) get attacked by a bunch of white supremists. It’s a stressful sequence, but the show pulls it off magnificently.

Although I was somewhat relieved that Michael Sheen’s role on the show was over, I have to admit that watching him butt heads with the partners is infinitely more amusing than watching him clash with Maia. His dynamic with Adrian is particularly amusing as two alpha dogs vie for supremacy. Dare I say I’d like for him to stick around some more?

This is also a fascinating hour for Maia who finds herself working at Call-A-Lawyer. It’s a depressing but amusing storyline that pushes her over the edge and has her declining Diane’s calls and closing the door in Lucca’s face. I’m so proud of the show for not bringing her back to the firm quite just yet (if ever). Status quo changes have to have consequences to make an impact.

Now can we please take a moment and discuss how fantastic a character Judge Charlotte Hazlewood is? Tamberla Perry is so good in the role and she colors the performance with delightful shades of grey. Her story about the cop pulling her over (read it below in its entirety) is a thing of beauty, not to mention the fact that she very unethically saves Adrian during a precarious time in court. Smells like trouble!

Bits & Cases

  • Insane moment: the voter taking off his marijuana shirt and revealing the swastika on his back. Oops.
  • Diane’s Marissa/Maia blunder. Too funny.
  • This week’s short: John Barron! I know some people online are hating these animated films but I’m loving them.
  • Sensitivity training with Liz and Diane walking the “duel” was fascinating. Plus it paid off beautifully with the duo starting singing Prince together later on. You can tell Christine and Audra had a ball shooting it!
  • The fact that Blum makes his dietician pretend to be an expert witness kills me.
  • Yup, Jay and Naomi are a thing now.
  • Blum putting on the hat and singing to the witness with the hopes of bringing her to tears is delightfully evil. Notice how touched Judge Dunaway and Julius are.
  • Charlotte poking Adrian in the elevator – epic!
  • I need to know more about Charlotte’s past with Blum.
  • Who did Jay have a crush on at the firm? Lucca? Did we know that already?
  • Most satisfying moment of the week: Jay punching the racist in the bathroom. Someone GIF it immediately.

Good Lines

Boss: And you see that mirror? Check yourself on every call. If there’s no smile on your face, there’s no smile in your voice. People like to hear the smile.

Blum: Hi.
Marissa: Hello.
Blum: Am I boring you?
Marissa: No. Scintillating.

Blum: So, what’s your story, baby?
Marissa: I’m a fourth-year associate who came here after spending ten years as a Russian mail-order bride.
Blum: Ah, the humor of the American Jewess in full flower.

Adrian: You really enjoy being a judge, huh?
Suzanne: Best thing in the world. A few weeks ago, I got pulled over by a cop. He said my windows were too dark. I let him play his little power game. “Get out of the car, ma’am. Stand by the curb, ma’am. ” I was polite. I got his name and his badge number. I said, “Have a nice day, sir. ” Then I drove to court, called his supervisor, and had them both come in for a judicial examination. – Boom. He didn’t recognize me at first, until I said, “Have a nice day, sir. ” Then his face. Ooh, you should’ve seen it. He saw his whole world turn upside down. He had a rush of shit to the brain. And that’s when I realized, every single bad moment in law school, it was worth it.


Another week, another powerful episode from The Good Fight. Excellent!

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