The Good Fight TV Review

The Good Fight – The One with the Celebrity Divorce (Season 3 Episode 6)

"Don't get in the way of someone kicking ass."

Can you say wow?

The fantastic thing about this hour is that we still don’t know if Lucca was approached by the real Melania Trump or an imposter. The show never gives us an answer, but that doesn’t make this episode any less effective. In fact, this is an absolutely phenomenal hour that keeps you guessing at every turn. From the endless burner phones to the partners questing client-Melania’s identity – everybody here is in fine form making for a razor-sharp hour of TV. Plus, Cush Jumbo gets the lead, which is always welcome. The actress was sidelined for far too long on The Good Wife, so I love to see her getting the recognition she deserves on this spinoff.

Although I wanted Blum to leave after a couple of episodes, it really looks like he’s here to stay. As despicable as he is, at least we now have him squaring of with Marissa every week. This is the only way I can stand his character, so kudos to the show for pairing him with the perfect scene partner who never backs off . I can watch a whole episode of Marissa pissing off Blum by singing to him (especially after he began insulting her mother). Someone give Sarah Steele an Emmy please!.

Bits & Cases

  • Marissa breaking the fourth wall was super strange. But this season has already been super strange (in a good way).
  • How great is Titus Burgess as Melania’s stylist? The Kim divorce would have been funny though, particularly with how excited Adrian and Jay got.
  • Diane and Serious Axes – a love story.
  • Vernon Jordan was previously on The Good Wife!
  • Laugh out loud scene: Lucca and Zelda wrestling for the phones on the ground and needing Jay to step in.
  • Callback: the Golden Shower tape is back!
  • I always laugh when Diane says the word “fuck.” You can tell Christina Baranski has a ball playing the character.
  • The Melania short is incredible. Notice Trump farting in bed. Yuck.
  • Lemond Bishop – one of my favorite guest-stars ever from the Good universe..
  • Melania telling Lucca she didn’t know she was black was just epic.

Good Lines

Blum: You’re Eli Gold’s daughter, right?
Marissa: Yeah.
Blum: I knew your mother. Vanessa. Hell of a fuck. What do they say about Jewish women? Lying there like a lox? Not her. She knew more tricks than a monkey on a flagpole.
Marissa: So, you’re my dad. Is that what you’re saying? Can I have some money?

Diane: Are you medicated right now?
Blum: No…. I forget.

Melania: I just want to live a normal life. Without people thinking my Christmas trees are ugly. They’re cranberry clusters. It’s art.


A captivating and frequently hilarious hour of TV. Just stellar!

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