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Avengers: Endgame – Movie Review

"Avengers... assemble."

What can I say. After an 11 year journey that began with 2008’s Iron Man, the epic extravaganza that is Endgame blew my expectations out of the water. Whereas I found Infinity War to be impressive but a tad overrated,this is one hell of a mindblowing achievement from both a technical and plot perspective. I am in awe.

It’s not very often that I feel the need to rewatch a film as soon as it’s over, but that’s exactly how I felt about Marvel’s epic conclusion to the iconic saga. Directors Anthony and Joe Russo have managed to craft a truly magnificent piece of filmmaking that weaves together dozens of characters while never losing sight of what makes each of them unique. Moreover, the spectacle is backed by genuine character stakes, making the blockbuster action that much more impactful.

And yes the action is staggeringly good. There’s not a false moment of CGI in the entire film; this is the epitome of Hollywood spectacle that’s realized with the utmost skill and finesse. I won’t spoil the remarkable action beats here (you’ll have to jump down to the spoiler section below), but suffice to say, everything is outstanding.

The greatest compliment I can give the film? You never feel the 3-hour running time. I’ve checked my watch more often in tedious two-hour films, but not once in Endgame. That’s how impressive and engrossing it is.

Spoiler Section

Stop reading now if you have yet to watch the film.

  • I do love how the film begins with Hawkeye losing his family to the snap. It’s harrowing and effective.
  • There’s a great nod to Winter Solider with Cap in the elevator but instead of the huge fight, he whispers “Hail Hydra” and makes it out without a scratch. I was literally smiling like a kid.
  • One of my favorite scenes in the entire film is Captain America facing off with the 2012 version of himself from the original Avengers. It’s such a delightful sequence with top-notch choreography and superb editing.
  • Black Widow’s demise was a real shocker to me. While it was unfortunate not seeing her unite with the rest of the Marvel super-heroines in the big battle, it makes sense that some loss has to stay permanent.
  • Gamora’s back people! I knew the series wouldn’t part with Zoe Saldana so soon.
  • Probably the most shocking thing about the film: Thor’s beer gut and the fact that it sticks around until the end. Speaking of sticking around, it looks like he’ll be joining the Guardians full time.
  • I really enjoyed Captain Marvel last month, so I’m glad Carol Danvers got her due and was not de-powered in any way. If anything, she arrived too conveniently when needed.
  • The big battle with all the Avengers arriving and Cap uttering the prophetic “Avengers assemble” line gave me goosebumps. It’s one of those film moments one never ever forgets.
  • Pepper Potts sure got to shine didn’t she? It’s cool to see Rescue kick ass.
  • Captain wielding Thor’s hammer – wow!
  • Tony Stark’s death is absolutely perfect – a true emotional gut-punch that’s impeccably realized. From Pepper reassuring him that she and his daughter will be okay, to the horrifying moment when we realize he’s gone, it truly feels like an actual death (especially after following the character for over a decade). I felt a real emptiness inside after this monumental ending.
  • Amazing shot: The panning camera through the funeral with everybody paying theirs respects down to Harley Keener from Iron Man 3.
  • Thankfully the film ends on a positive note with Captain America. Everything about his story’s conclusion is superb from an elderly Cap passing on the baton to Sam, to the reveal of a young Cap finally dancing with Peggy, the love of his life. It’s an uplifting ending that really contrasts the darkness of before.


Equal parts thrilling and emotional, this is a perfect ending to the Infinity Saga. What a satisfying rollercoaster in every way.

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  1. I understand wanting to rewatch the film after seeing it. I felt the same way. Endgame is one of the greatest cinematic achievements of the superhero genre.

    I love the use of Hawkeye in the movie. I wished the character had been given material just as meaty as this one in the past.

    When Black Widow and Tony Stark died, a part of me was waiting for something to undo one or both of those losses through time travel. I thought Steve was going to do that when traveling back in time to return the Infinity Stones. But I was sadly wrong. Still, both characters went out on a high note, especially Tony. I consider his last line followed by the snap the most epic moment of the MCU.

    I did find the movie’s take on time travel confusing. So changes in the past don’t affect the future but, according to Agents of Shield, changes in the present can affect the future. Seems a bit one-sided.

    1. glad you loved it too Justin! I stopped watching Shield years ago! Is it still good? Lost interest when Ghost Rider was intorduced!

      1. Still good? It’s better than good. I suggest you pick up where you left off because that’s when the show starts to up its game.

        BTW have you watched the rest of The Good Place S3? And did you receive the email I sent you a while containing the link to a great Grey’s Anatomy fanfic about Derek and Meredith getting together early in S2?

  2. I got goosebumps just reading this review. I feel like there are no words that can do this movie any justice. It’s just so monumentally epic and grand and beautiful in every sense of the way.

    I’ve seen it twice already and plan on watching a couple more times! It was soooo worth it to see it in IMAX on the second viewing, especially the third act.

    Thanks for writing a spoilery review!! I’ve seen very few of them on the internet (for obvious reasons but still).

    1. YES it must be watched on IMAX. That’s how I saw it too and it was epic! Can’t wait to watch again!

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