The Good Fight TV Review

The Good Fight – The One Where Liz and Diane Topple the Democracy (Season 3 Episode 7)

I love to watch Diane break bad.

This week’s hour does a tremendous job of making Diane’s descent into darkness quite believable. She starts off completely against The Resistance and their increasingly-dirty tactics, only to insist on “pushing” the button by episode’s end. It’s a thrilling and blood-pumping moment, and it succeeds because of the season (and the show’s) intricate character work where Miss Lockhart is concerned. With only a few episodes left to the season, it certainly looks like all hell is about to break loose.

By contrast, Liz is pretty much on-board with flipping votes from the start (albeit with some hesitations). Watching her express her journey as a black woman and the ways in which her family has been prejudiced against is immensely powerful, and Audra McDonald does a spectacular job with the material. How was the show even on the air without Liz in season one? God knows I don’t miss Maia.

This episode is also notable for introducing Gary Carr playing himself as Lucca’s love interest. Although I’ve actually completely forgotten how Lucca and Colin ended things, this is a surprising and amusing subplot. Their banter is on-point and the chemistry is electric. More please!

Bits & Cases

  • Lucca singing Baby Shark is priceless.
  • This week’s short about Downton Abbey without showing that show is immensely creative.
  • I’m so glad that we’re bringing back the Reddick accusations. They were swept under the rug way too easily. Kudos for bringing back Cynthia Cromely too, as well as Naomi who I’m assuming will cover the story after Jay insists
  • The most satisfying moment of the week: Adrian roughing up Blum. He certainly deserves it.
  • Little moments that the show excels at: The waitress insisting on endlessly pouring water for Lucca.
  • Blum’s tattoo is apparently that of Roger Stone. Also I love that the show keeps bringing back Nathan – the kid from The Good Wife who delivers the subpoenas. Was his blessed day line a nod to The Handmaid’s Tale?
  • Is Judge Eno on the take? Will the show ever tell us? I’d like to see more of Kathy Najimy on the show. The way she told Diane and Adrian to fuck off in the diner when they tried to corner her was epic.
  • I genuinely laughed out loud as Blum snapped and the partners just collectively turned theirs backs to the glass.
  • I still can’t figure out Judge Hazlewood but I love having her on the show. She brings out different layers to Adrian.
  • Gary’s wallet actor thing is so accurate. It made the first kiss a really sweet moment.
  • How exciting is it when the music kicks in after a disappointed Diane rises in court and storms off with a purpose? Chills.

Good Lines

Diane: Liz, I know. I know –
Liz: No. No, no, Diane, you don’t. You don’t know. Look, we share a lot of things, but we do not share histories. I have a college friend who was kicked off the voter rolls in Ohio. And my uncle was denied the right to vote in the last election in Wisconsin. I mean, at some point, these stories become more than just anecdotes. They’re something bigger. This democracy that you talk about this doesn’t exist for a lot of us. It didn’t exist for my grandparents. It didn’t exist for my parents, and it is slowly being taken away from me.

Liz: Let me take the argument. You don’t believe in it anymore.
Diane: I’m a lawyer. I don’t have to.

Gary: Celebrity doesn’t count for everything.
Lucca: Yeah, but your accent does. I mean, you just flash a few British-isms and then, you know, suddenly, you’re not black anymore.
Gary: I don’t know what it is, but I like being judged by you.

Fan: Can my daughter and I get a picture with you?
Gary: Yeah, sure. Um, and Lucca, too?
Fan: Why, were you on Downton Abbey too?
Gary: Oh, no. No, no, but she’s gonna be in the movie.
Fan: In the movie? Oh, my God. She’s going to be in the movie.

Nathan: A complaint has been filed with the ACDB saying you suborned perjury from a man named Gerard Solo.
Blum: How the fuck do you know that?
Nathan: I was bored. I read it. Have a blessed day.
Blum: Fuck you.

Hazlewood: Bad men have a force field around them.
Adrian: You can’t give me anything.
Hazlewood: Mm I can give you a piece of advice. You go after Blum you kill him. Because anything less, he won’t stop until he kills you.


A superb hour that takes our characters into even more questionable grey areas. Outstanding episode!

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