The Good Fight TV Review

The Good Fight – The One Where the Sun Comes Out (Season 3 Episode 9)

"That's why our generation doesn't fuck as much. We, we're too adult."

Well I didn’t expect that!

Maia has always been a bland character, so making her a borderline villain? That I can get on board with. It gives her purpose, and it makes use of her relationships with the rest of the cast. Watching her throw Marissa under the bus wouldn’t have been nearly as effective if we hadn’t spent three seasons watching these two ladies build such a heartfelt bond. Well done show!

In continuing with the tradition of introducing impeccable guest-stars, The Good Fight’s newest addition is none other than the tremendous Cheryl Hines as lawyer Brenda DeCarlo. The character’s unique medical condition, Pseudobulbar affect (PBA), means she laughs at the most inappropriate of times, and that hilarious touch adds such a creepy and amusing layer to her investigation. Although Chumhum still decides to ditch the firm after putting them through hell, I sure hope Brenda makes a return appearance because she’s already one of my favorite guest-stars ever. What a treat!

I’m not too sure how I feel about Diane’s book-club suddenly becoming a shadowy organization that threatens her (and her husband) with physical harm, but it does elevate the stakes en route to the finale. And hey, I’ve been wanting to see Diane use her aikido skills (and axe-throwing talents) for a while now. Bring on the action!

Bits & Cases

  • The hail is a nice metaphor for all the chaos in the partners’ lives.
  • Brenda’s investigation into the firm leads to some delightful scenes, particularly with everyone turning on each other as they argue about racial discrimination and bonuses.
  • This week in crazy Diane antics: she talks to the news report on her computer screen.
  • Maia and Marissa going out for drinks is a really uncomfortable scene because you can tell the former just wants to exploit the latter and find out what she knows about the Reddick accusations. Also, they kiss which is a super random moment.
  • I hate to say it, but is Blum kind of a father figure to Maia now? Watch how he consoles her when he finds her sobbing in the office. It’s so deeply unsettling.
  • The partners finally know about Julius and his federal judgeship adventures.
  • When Marissa cries, we all cry.
  • In case you’re keeping track: yes Liz and Adrian did in fact sleep with each other when he was recuperating from the gunshot. And no Liz doesn’t regret “the fucking”. That was crass Mr. Boseman.
  • Super cute moment with Diane singing in the sun.

Good Lines

Blum: Oh, you have an evil look in your eye.
Maia: It’s what I look like these days.

Marissa: (to Maia) I like fucking, but I don’t like fucking up friendships.


By taking a gamechanging turn, this is one powerful episode that sets us up for a killer conclusion to the season.

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