Grey's Anatomy Season Finale TV Review

Grey’s Anatomy -Jump Into the Fog (Season 15 Episode 25)

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Just because I don’t review Grey’s Anatomy on a weekly basis doesn’t mean I don’t still love the show after 15 seasons. In fact I’ve been a fan of the medical drama for over a decade, so you can imagine how attached I am to Meredith Grey and company.

Hats off to showrunner Krista Vernoff who has really reinvigorated Grey’s over the course of the past two seasons. It’s refreshing to see Meredith Grey come into her own so much after the loss of Derek; who knew we’d ever find a love interest for her that could rival McDreamy? Meredith and DeLuca are enormously charming to watch, and these past few episodes have thrown in an exciting wrench with the insurance fraud storyline. In fact, this finale manages an exciting bombshell: Bailey proceeds to fire Meredith, Alex and The Chief (with DeLuca already in prison). Obviously they all won’t stay out of the hospital for too long, but it’s an intriguing development that effectively shakes things up.

After years of dancing around each other, it’s also extremely satisfying to see Owen and Teddy finally commit to one another. I’m not ashamed to say that I got a little teary eyed during Owen’s heartfelt speech during that delivery sequence. Kim Raver and Kevin McKidd are both outstanding here, bringing years of chemistry to a simmering bubble in an utterly perfect sequence. If nothing else, I’m most excited to see these two finally commit to one another next year.

Unfortunately this finale has a glaring misstep. I’m sorry but I can never seem to find myself invested in Maggie or Jackson. All of their scenes just brought this finale’s momentum to a screeching halt. And that cliffhanger with Jackson disappearing? Super random and bizarre. What exactly are we supposed to assume exactly?

Bits & Scalpels

  • Loved the fog taking over the title card. These little touches make me so happy.
  • Hilarious moment with the babysitter walking in on Teddy and Amelia trying to get a handle on the labor situation.
  • Kudos Grey’s for never pitting Amelia and Teddy against one another this season in a cliche love triangle. In fact I love that Amelia helps Teddy get to the hospital and has her own thing going on with Link. Her scene with him at the end demonstrated remarkable growth; she’s not breaking up with him but she does need some space.
  • Poor Tom naively working on that nursery. Can you say collateral damage?
  • Teddy and Owen call their baby girl Alison which is the name of Teddy’s friend who died in 9/11
  • Alex finally knows about Joe and she’s getting therapy. It’s a sad but uplifting ending for sure. Also, I wish I reviewed the rape-themed episode a few weeks ago; it was one of the most glorious hours of television I’ve ever witnessed. A masterpiece that singlehandedly makes this season exceptional viewing.
  • Sweet moment with Meredith going to prison and telling DeLuca she loves him before presumably turning herself in. How will she get out of this one? This should definitely have been our cliffhanger.

Grey Banter

Teddy: I don’t disdain you, Amelia. Um okay I did last year but there was the whole brain tumor that explained the things I didn’t like.
Amelia: Thank you. Because, you know, I really think people don’t give that tumor the credit it deserved.

Jackson: I didn’t ask you to change. I’m asking you to expand.
Maggie: That’s just a fancy word for change.

Owen: Listen, Teddy, I have seen men ripped limb from limb.
Teddy: I know, but you will not see the war between my legs. You’ll thank me later. No more PTSD.

Alex: Bailey am I really fired?
Bailey: I hate it more than you do Karev.


An entertaining albeit unspectacular finale from Grey’s Anatomy. The show’s had stronger installments this year, but this has been a very solid season.

Nad Rating

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  1. Nad, I was very surprised to see you reviewed an episode of Greys again. It had been a while, but I’m glad you still watch the show!

    Loved the review by the way! Couldn’t agree more on what you said about Maggie and Jackson. I just don’t see this couple going anywhere. I secretly hope one of them is going to get hurt really bad, maybe that will spice things up…
    Also, I thought it was the saddest part of the finale when we saw Tom all happy while preparing the nursery for Teddy’s baby. But, what do you think is going to happen to him now that Greg Germann has been upgraded to series regular next season? And what did you think about the Jo storyline (with her being kind of depressed)?

    I also wanted to say how much I loved the reference to the season 2 finale when Mer, Richard and Alex all took the blame for the insurance fraud!

    Can’t wait for next season!!

    P.S. I’ve seen you do it before, but you actually spell Jo’s name as Jo, not Joe 🙂

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