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L.A.’s Finest – Episodes 1-3

I really wanted to like L.A.’s Finest. I’ve loved Jessica Alba ever since Dark Angel, and I had high hopes that pairing her with Gabrielle Union for an action-comedy would produce a kickass series. Sadly, this show is a flop in every conceivable way.

First off, it’s worth mentioning that L.A.’s Finest is a spinoff of Bad Boys. I don’t know who asked for an extension of that franchise, but it would have been much more exciting to have our two stars headline an original property instead a dated 90’s one. In fact, this series feels very 90’s and not in a good way. With exceptional content taking over the airwaves on every platform in 2019, there’s no excuse to produce such subpar material that feels like it can barely live up to standard 90’s fare.

The show does boast two women of color as leads which is an awesome step in the right direction, but why does the rest of L.A.’s Finest have to be so painfully generic? There’s nothing here that you haven’t seen before. This is your run-of-the-mill procedural with disposable standalone cases that offer nothing of interest, and really bland action. Yes, this Jerry Bruckheimer production has really terrible action – let that thought sink in. I can’t for the life of me remember a single thrilling set piece in the show’s first three episodes. How sad is that?

On the bright side, Alba and Union definitely have chemistry together. Their dynamic is the only saving grace, and it’s a real pity that the show’s writers let them down. Instead of injecting thrills and suspense into the proceedings, we’re left watching our ladies investigate really dull crimes populated by tedious bad guys. It’s seriously unfortunate.


A lackluster and unimpressive start to L.A.’s Finest. With Alba and Union at the helm, that’s a real shame.

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  1. As a fellow Dark Angel and Jessica Alba fan, I was looking forward to this show, so it’s too bad it’s so generic. I think part of why people think she’s a bad actress is she does a lot of really weak material.

    1. So true. IT’s all about the material and I don’t know why she can’t make smarter choices. Ugh. RIP Dark Angel. I guess we better go rewatch that!

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