Season Finale The Good Fight TV Review

The Good Fight – The One About the End of the World (Season 3 Episode 10)

"You know, this whole year, I realized, the best thing is to not care."

How apocalyptic and delightful.

There’s a reason The Good Fight is the single best show on TV. No other series comes close to this production’s elegant storytelling, immaculate performances, and engrossing atmosphere. Thankfully, this finale doesn’t let the season down; it’s a powerhouse closer to a brilliant season.

It definitely looks like Maia ain’t a regular on the show anymore, opening the door to recurring appearances next year as an antagonist to the firm. I can’t say I’ll miss Rose Leslie (who has always been the weakest part of the show) but at least she gets to leave with Blum in a memorable manner. I enjoyed Michael Sheen’s manic performance this year, but enough is enough and he was a formidable foil in small doses.

The finale is also notable for introducing This Is Us‘ very own Chris Sullivan as Judge Toosie. The Republican judge is positioned as an obstacle for the firm (as he easily plays into Blum’s tricks) so it’s extremely refreshing to see him rule in their favor by the end of the hour. Diane and the company constantly trying to find ways to dumb things down for him made for a hilarious subplot.

The finale’s cliffhanger is also a solid one with Diane reiterating her thoughts from the season premiere (“I’m happy“) as the SWAT team (undoubtedly summoned by Rachelle) sneaks into their home. Will Kurt get caught in the crossfire? I can certainly see that happening since the guy always has a firearm handy.

Bits & Cases

  • The partners toast Julius’ judgeship. So is he leaving the show as well next season?
  • The race issue continues as Lucca and Rosalyn are basically pitted against one another. Who will the firm promote? I guess we’ll get our answer next year.
  • How hilarious is the Apple update disclaimer? I love it when this show breaks conventions.
  • Loved Marissa and Jay facing off with Rachelle who doesn’t scare off easy.
  • The ASMR witness breathing into the microphone and turning Judge Toosie on – hysterical.
  • Blum trying to seduce Diane and failing miserably is priceless.
  • Liz’s reaction to Judge Hazlewood is everything. It looks like it’s over between her and Adrian though after he finds out about the bribe. Ouch.
  • So Kurt becomes a meme for not being enthusiastic enough during the President’s speech (which Diane hilariously wrote in an ironic turn of events).
  • Did you spot Diane and Adrian in the comedy short? I couldn’t see Liz though.
  • Marissa and Lucca take acid together: wow.
  • Super moving scene with Diane taking Adrian’s hand and stressing the importance of hope. I do love their dynamic.
  • How great are the apocalyptic visuals reflecting on our characters as they watch the show?
  • My favorite scenes this week featured Diane facing off with Maia, her goddaughter. It’s actually quite heartbreaking to see the latter reject the former’s offer to join the firm as a partner. I’m happy for Lucca though.
  • Notice how Maia has that drug lollipop when she goes off with Blum. Yuck.

Good Lines

Lucca: I wouldn’t have come to this firm if I weren’t black.
Jay: Mm, you’re hovering dangerously close to “my best friend is black”.


A fantastic closer to an outstanding year. The Good Fight is still the best show on television.

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