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Godzilla: King of the Monsters – Movie Review

"This is Godzilla’s world, and we just live in it."

Godzilla: King of The Monsters is the perfect example of the Hollywood machine going into overdrive. There’s so much money thrown at the screen and it’s all for a useless cause. With CGI overkill at every turn, it often feels like you’re watching a video game instead of a movie. That’s extremely unfortunate because there’s actual talent involved in the film.

I am of course referring to Vera Farmiga and Millie Bobby Brown. The former has always been one of my most favorite actresses, and she’s reliably solid here in a surprisingly complex role. She also gets to act opposite Game of Thrones‘ Charles Dance who always brings an air of gravitas to the proceedings. But the real highlight here is Stranger Things‘s very own Millie Bobby Brown. The young star is fantastic, and deserved a much better blockbuster instead of this god-awful mess. She’s got so much screen-presence, and she’s a kickass heroine to root her. What a shame!

And what of those big monster battles? They’re impressive in theory to be sure, and there are some incredible CGI moments (mostly the ones you’ve seen in the trailers), but it’s all so numbing and repetitive. If you can’t find yourself emotionally attached to the narrative’s stakes, then how could you possibly feel anything during the zillionth monster mash? Meh.


A whole lot of expensive CGI can’t make up for a weak script and the misuse of talented performers. Avoid this one!

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