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Fleabag – Season 2

"Women are born with pain built in. We carry it within ourselves. Men have to seek it out.”

It’s refreshing to see that Fleagbag‘s sophomore season is just as delightful as the show’s fantastic debut year. In fact, this season flips the show’s premise on its head in some truly creative and shocking ways.

I am of course referring to the introduction of The Priest, played to hilarious perfection by Andrew Scott. The tidbits with his noticing our heroine breaking the fourth wall make for some truly thought-provoking moments. Are we intruding on Fleabag’s personal space and allowing her to detach from reality? Or does she really need us because we’re the only so-called “friends” she has? This is a comedy for sure, but it’s a also a powerful exploration of one woman’s confused psyche as well as a thoughtful deep-dive into the aftermath of grief and trauma

Of course Phoebe Waller-Bridge is as extraordinary as ever. There’s a reason this woman is responsible for creating Killing Eve, and that’s because her sense of humor and her understanding of the human experience are simply unrivaled. The rest of the cast is also as marvelous as ever with Olivia Coleman and Sian Clifford both continuing to deliver astounding performances as Fleabag’s godmother and sister. This show might be packaged as a love story, but the most important relationship in our protagonist’s life is the one she shares with her sister.

Apparently, there are no plans for season three, and I kind of couldn’t be happier. The seasons’ final moments really make you think, and they are actually a perfect closer to Fleabag’s intricate character journey. There will rarely be a show as special and as unique as this one ladies and gents.


A remarkable sophomore season spearheaded by one heck of a talented writer/star.

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