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The Best Title Sequences on TV – Part 2

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This sequence is one big optical illusion and it is fantastic. Through impeccable editing, this opening blends futuristic and retro-espionage elements in captivating ways. The stones skillfully illustrate the show’s parallel worlds while the lonely figures in vast empty spaces bring to life a truly haunting vibe.

Money Heist (La Casa De Papel)

This one’s all about the beautiful song and gorgeous vocals bringing the blueprint of the money house to life. It’s not the most eye-opening sequence from a visual perspective, but it’s simple and atmospheric. I never could understand why a Spanish show chose an English theme song though.

The Night Manager

Although I’ve never watched The Night Manager, its title sequence left me speechless. There’s just so much mind-blowing imagery here: the torpedos turning into bubbles, the crashing chandelier transforming into a nuclear bomb etc… It’s astounding how this sequence fuses luxury and war in an unexpected blend.

Big Little Lies

The first time I watched this sequence, I thought it was part of the episode. Thanks to a catchy tune (Cold Little Heart by Michael Kiwanuka), these credits create a beautiful sense of place with the ladies driving along the coast juxtaposed with the crashing waves. And how unforgettable is the final scene with the women walking towards the screen at the end one by one? Stunning.

Season two’s title sequence updates the credits in an effective manner: we now have Mary Louise and Bonnie driving as well, while it’s the kids walking towards the camera. Hilarious!

Orange Is The New Black

Although the theme song can get extremely grating after a while, I love that this sequence uses close-ups of actual prisoners and not the actresses on the show. Plus you can’t deny that the editing works well with the song, building up to an exciting crescendo. It’s just not a sequence I like to watch often.

American Horror Story

American Horror Story might not be a consistent show in terms of quality, but its title sequence is insanely creative. Every season, the visuals are updated and they’re even more terrifying (and compelling) than they were the year before. Also, the music is one that’s bound to burrow itself into your brain.


Gun, trains, and nooses – the cowboy imagery is strong with this one and it makes for a very dynamic title sequence. The shot of the snake at the end is extremely chilling and unsettling. Godless might not be the most memorable limited series, but these titles surely are!

Altered Carbon

Much like how a snake sheds it skin, human beings do the same in Altered Carbon. It’s a very haunting intro, and while I don’t get the ending (the snake transforming into a dragon), I still find this to be a very effective and intriguing opening. It’s a shame the show couldn’t live up to it (I quit after five episodes).

The Alienist

I’ve never watched The Alienist so I don’t know why New York is getting erased in this sequence but it sure is engrossing. Plus, it doesn’t go on for too long which is always a plus. Now can someone explain to me what it’s all means?

True Detective

I’m absolutely creeped out by True Detective‘s opening credits (particularly the song choice in season two), but there’s no denying just how masterful these sequences are. They set the mood, they’re completely unsettling, and they’re just ridiculously mesmerizing across the board. Nightmares here we come!


Simple, chilling, and effective. Mindhunter is a show that really stuck with me, and I was immediately entranced by these opening credits that showcase all of the show’s important elements. Let’s see what season two cooks up!

The Night Of

This opening contains a shot I’ll never forget: the pills with the smiley faces falling through the air. And of course, the show’s infamous feline is in it. Much like Mindhunter, it’s got a whole lot of important elements that symbolize the show and it’s weaved together beautifully.

Prison Break

This sequence might not contain any new footage (it’s all clips from the show), but the theme song by Game of Thrones composer Ramin Djawidi is so darn beautiful, and the editing so perfect, that it makes it one of my favorite title sequences of all time.

Jessica Jones

Quite fittingly, The Jessica Jones title sequence feels very voyeuristic since the show’s title character is constantly tailing and investigating someone. I particularly love the color palette and filters with the various shades of purple. Also, the final shot of the eyes is everything.

The Defenders

This intro had a tough job of fusing together the palettes and vibes of four different Marvel shows and it does so in pretty glorious fashion. It’s simple, and the theme song gets your blood pumping for one epic superhero mashup.

Grey’s Anatomy

Who remembers this one? Grey’s only used this sequence for a short period of time but it never failed to amuse me. The transitions are spot on, the song is uplifting, and the vibe is just infectious. In recent seasons, the show has been using a simple title card, but has regularly infused it with unique touches depending on the episode’s premise.

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