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Another Life – Across the Universe (Series Premiere)

"You have put everyone's life in danger. Not just this ship. The entire fucking world."

Another Life is the story of an astronaut investigating the origins of an alien artifact that mysteriously appears on Earth. If you find the premise interesting, I’m here to tell you that the show does everything it can to rob it of any potential.

The performances are particularly atrocious. I’ve never watched Battlestar Galactica, but I do know that Katee Sackoff has an enormous, devoted following. Unfortunately, she’s terrible here and I can’t seem to tell if it’s the script’s fault or hers. She tries her best to elevate the material, but she’s wholly unsuccessful – feeling completely miscast and out of tune with the emotions necessary to bring this narrative to life.The rest of the cast? All cliché 20-somethings who definitely look like they have the required experience to save the world. It’s just laughable.

You know what else is a flop? The CGI! It’s shocking to me that Netflix would invest in a show and it would still come out looking so cheaply made. This is a very low-budget production, with the show resorting to repetitive space shots that look like they took all of ten minutes to render. As for the scenes set inside the ship, well let’s just say the sets are atrociously realized and probably constructed in somebody’s backyard.


A terrible pilot for an ill-advised show that seriously has no saving graces. Avoid this one!

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