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Why Women Kill – Murder Means Never Having to Say You’re Sorry (Series Premiere)

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“Murder Means Never Having to Say You\’re Sorry” — Ep#101 — Pictured (l-r): Sam Jaeger as Rob; Ginnifer Goodwin as Beth-Ann of the CBS All Access series WHY WOMEN KILL. Photo Cr: Ali Goldstein/CBS ©2019 CBS Interactive, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Why Women Kill is a brand new dark comedy by Marc Cherry, the mastermind behind one of the most iconic shows of all time: Desperate Housewives. It’s not nearly as impressive as that show, but it’s entertaining in a guilty pleasure sort of way.

The show’s central gimmick is a strong one: three very different women who lived in the same house across three different timelines navigate marriage and infidelity. It’s a strange concept to base a show on, but it makes for some nifty visual parallels and thematic contrasts. The production values are of course spectacular, completely transporting you into each of the timelines with the utmost detail. Technically, the show is a stunner.

Cast-wise, Cherry has assembled a solid ensemble, but they do sometimes feel like Wisteria Lane leftovers. Lucy Liu’s Simon Grove is a snarky diva in the vein of Eva Longoria’s Gabrielle Solis, while Ginnifer Goodwin’s Beth is Bree Van de Kamp in every way. The one truly fresh take is the open marriage in the 2019 timeline, and it’s quite intriguing to watch thanks to Veep‘s Reid Scott who delivers great work in the role. The cast as a whole is likeable and endearing.

Oh, and in true Marc Cherry fashion, the title sequence featuring women murdering their husbands across time is a masterpiece.


It’s not as groundbreaking as Housewives but it’s certainly amusing thanks to its colorful palette and excellent production values. I do hope the show will take more risks in the future though.

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  1. Saw the series premiere for free on Youtube. I thought it was a great first episode. I’m already hooked on the characters and curious where their storylines will lead them. Part of that curiosity was piqued by the questions that were raised at the end of the episode. I assumed the series was about three women killing their husbands. It never occurred to me that they may kill people other than their husbands. But I do believe one or two of the husbands will die by the end of the season.

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