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Unbelievable – Season 1

"Cause even with good people, even with people that you can kinda trust, if the truth is inconvenient, and if the truth doesn't fit... they don't believe it."

A terrifying miniseries by Netflix about a teenager who is charged with lying about being raped, Unbelievable is very difficult to watch. The show succeeds in making you feel completely unsettled, particularly the way in which victims of sexual assault are treated. It’s a harsh reality but Kaitlyn Dever delivers a heartbreaking and powerful turn at the center of the story, while Toni Collette and Merritt Wever are absolutely cheer-worthy as the detectives who fight to bring justice to the women harmed. This is truly a show I won’t soon forget.


Impeccably acted and meticulously produced, Unbelievable is astounding TV in every sense of the word.

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