Classic Shows

Just because they're over, doesn't mean they're not fantastic. Here you will find the shows that I hold most dear to my heart. For in-depth reviews, click on the banners.



Quick Review: Spearheaded by the immensely talented Jennifer Garner, Alias is a bold and inventive spy saga that’s packed with thrills, mystery, and a whole lot of heart.
Premiered: September 2001.
Number of seasons: 5.
Watch it if you like: 24Buffy The Vampire SlayerDark Angel.

Quick Review: A groundbreaking thriller set in real-time that grabs hold of you and never lets go.
Premiered: September 2001.
Number of seasons: 9.
Watch it if you like: AliasPrison Break, Nikita.


Quick Review: A highly addictive and impeccably-produced dramedy about the secrets of suburbia. 
Premiered: October 2004.
Number of seasons: 8.
Watch it if you like: Brothers & SistersGrey’s AnatomySanta Clarita Diet.


Quick Review: An outstanding family drama that tugs at the heartstrings and never lets go. 
Premiered: September 2006.
Number of seasons: 85
Watch it if you like: Grey’s AnatomyUgly Betty, Desperate Housewives.


Quick Review: An engrossing and extremely clever legal drama about a woman who tries to rebuild her life after a humiliating scandal. 
Premiered: September 2009.
Number of seasons: 7.
Watch it if you like: Mad MenAmerican Crime StoryBig Little Lies.


Quick Review: An atmospheric and very absorbing drama about the advertising world in 1960’s New York.
Premiered: July 2007
Number of seasons: 7.
Watch it if you like: Feud, The DeuceTrue Detective.


Quick Review: A gripping sci-fi adventure about a genetically engineered superwoman on the run in a post-apocalyptic world. 
Premiered: October 2000.
Number of seasons: 2
Watch it if you like: AliasBuffy The Vampire Slayer, Dollhouse.


Quick Review: A thought-provoking drama with complex characters that tackles a different crime every season. 
Premiered: March 2015.
Number of seasons: 3
Watch it if you like: American Crime StoryHouse Of CardsThe Good Wife.


Quick Review: The gripping story of a cancer-stricken chemistry teacher who slowly becomes a drug kingpin to make ends meet. 
Premiered: September 2013.
Number of seasons: 5
Watch it if you like: House Of CardsThe Good Wife, The Handmaid’s Tale .


Quick Review: A brilliant horror/comedy/action hybrid about a young woman tasked with saving the world against the forces of darkness. 
Premiered: May 1997.
Number of seasons: 7
Watch it if you like: AliasCharmedTrue Blood.


Quick Review: A fantastic spinoff about Buffy’s boyfriend Angel, the vampire with a soul who seeks redemption by doing good. 
Premiered: October 1999.
Number of seasons: 5
Watch it if you like: Buffy The Vampire SlayerAliasDaredevil.


Quick Review: Although it eventually lost its way and become far too convoluted for its own good, the show’s debut season is still one of the greatest things ever made. 
Premiered: September 2004
Number of seasons: 6
Watch it if you like: AliasAmerican GodsPrison Break.





Quick Review: A ridiculously lovable comedy about six friends and their whacky adventures in New York City.
Premiered: September 1994.
Number of seasons: 10.
Watch it if you like: Life In PiecesModern Family, How I Met Your Mother.


Quick Review: A hilarious comedy about an amnesiac who tries to reconnect with her loved ones after leading an evil life.
Premiered: October 2007.
Number of seasons: 2.
Watch it if you like: The Good Place, SuburgatoryJust Shoot Me.


Quick Review: A workplace comedy set in a fashion magazine, packed with witty banter and quirky characters. 
Premiered: March 1997.
Number of seasons: 7.
Watch it if you like: FriendsModern Family, Hot In Cleveland


Quick Review: The infamous show about “nothing” is still as amusing today as it was when it first debuted. A true classic! 
Premiered: July 1989.
Number of seasons: 9.
Watch it if you like: FriendsModern Family, How I Met Your Mother.