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Grey’s Anatomy 10×05 – I Bet It Stung

"Derek, Meredith and I are in a relationship. I've rebounded to the McDreamies."


And here’s where being a long-term fan pays off.

We’ve been watching Meredith Grey and Christina Yang work at their dynamic for ten seasons now, so the budding conflict between the two best friends was undoubtedly the episode’s highlight for me. It just felt like a culmination of a very long journey and it was incredibly satisfying (and difficult) to watch. As Christina so harshly pointed out to her “person”, the two women are at very different places in their lives (with vastly-contrasting priorities). It would do the writers a lot of good to further explore the growing divide between the two doctors, because this could make for some fantastic drama (not to mention the fact that Ellen Pompeo and Sandra Oh work beautifully with one another). And hey, if this is Christina’s final season on the show, is there any storyline that would be more fitting for her final goodbye?

Can I just say that I pretty much adore Catherine Avery? Debbie Allen is a terrific talent, and she somehow always manages to remain likeable even while saying the most heinous of things. Her relationship with Webber has been one of my favorite developments in recent years, and it’s heartwarming to see her stand by him so devotedly. Interestingly enough, having her butt heads with Stefanie even made that annoying character tolerable (I loved their final scene at the bar), and that speaks volumes over how effective Catherine is as a character. Make her a regular people, this could turn into her show.

Sadly, I still have zero investment in Alex’s daddy issues. I can’t quite put my finger on why I’ve never been emotionally attached to Alex (maybe it’s because he’s always been a dick with half the gang) but I can’t seem to bring myself to care about his estranged father (or his drug problems which Jo tried to solve). At least that subplot got one great moment, and that was a paralyzed Alex being unable to stop his dad from exiting the elevator. That was awesomely done.

It’s interesting how layered the Callie-Arizona feud is. As a viewer, you’re supposed to hate Arizona for messing everything up, and yet, I feel sympathy for her (maybe it’s because of the leg ordeal), And while I’m supposed to be on Callie’s side, her throwing Arizona out of the apartment was pretty unlikeable. Still, it’s hard to hate on Callie when she finally manages to find some enjoyment in life (dancing in her underwear again was a wonderful nod to the show’s early years).

Bits & Scalpels

– Callie and Meredith’s kiss on the lips was hilariously awkward.

– I kind of cheered when Catherine walked in on Stephanie and Avery having sex. Yes I dislike the couple that much.

– Loved Catherine casually realizing the “young man” had stuck his penis in a hornet’s nest.

– Although I felt real compassion for the donor-baby storyline, that “no no no” screaming scene with Callie was bizarre (and not in a good way).

– Having Meredith struggling to balance being a surgeon and a mom really is the best storyline the character’s had in a while. I especially love the specter of Ellie Grey towering over all of her decisions.

– Was anyone else taken aback by Christina saying she “doesn’t care” about Zola? Damn.

– I guess I kind of like Murphy and Arizona’s new dynamic.

– The ending was awesome, with Meredith screaming at an undeserving Derek. It felt extremely realistic and earned after everything Grey went through in the episode. Plus, it effectively contrasted Callie’s celebratory moment.

Grey Banter

Meredith: I named my son after you. You can’t be mad at me.
Bailey: Your son is the devil’s spawn. He drinks the milk of a liver thief.

Cristina: Mer, your boobs are exploding. Go pump.

Catherine: (to Webber) I love you but I will not coddle you. I never learned how.

Meredith: I understand that you believe you’re God’s gift to medicine but I am every bit as talented and as competent a surgeon as you are.
Christina: No you’re not. I’m sorry. but you’re not.

With a hefty dose of character development, I Bet It Stung is a highly memorable hour of Grey’s Anatomy.

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