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Grey’s Anatomy 10×07 – Thriller

"Murphy's bitten, Edwards is blind... and you're bonkers."


I’m starting to lose interest in Grey’s Anatomy and that’s a pity.

Last week was the first time I didn’t review an episode of the show since I began Nad’s Reviews two years ago. It wasn’t that the hour was terrible, far from it, but I am starting to lose my investment in the show which is a real pity. Hopefully, it’s just a ten-year slump, and things will rocket back into awesomeness soon. Sadly, this special Halloween romp wasn’t exactly a page-turner.

I’m not entirely sure what they’re doing to Christina, but I guess if Sandra Oh is leaving the show at the end of the year, they have to start phasing her out of the gang’s lives. It was hard to watch her get a semi-invite to Meredith’s Halloween bash, and it was even tougher to see her drop off the cupcakes and leave without anyone seeing her. But the worst part of it all? That hint at the end that she could potentially hook up with Shane. I swear to God writers, I will quit watching if that ever happens. Have some standards woman.

I never really got into Ben and Bailey’s dynamic, so his return didn’t exactly excite me. The reveal that he’d quit studying surgery was a bit better, as it allowed Chandra Wilson to flash that disappointed glare of hers which is just enough to drive anybody into a depression. Still, I much prefer Bailey when she’s being snarky and kicking ass as opposed to judgmental and holier-than-thou.

As always, I wasn’t terribly engrossed by Alex’s dramas, and it’s a pity that Joe has to suffer as well with her whining and bids to get his attention. I wish we’d get more forward momentum where these two are concerned, because having Joe arrive in a Tinkerbell costume and make up with Alex hardly makes for thrilling television.

Bits & Scalpels

– Why are the writers trying so hard to make Arizona unlikeable? Sleeping with Murphy? Really?

– I will admit that the guy biting Murphy was of the most shocking things I’ve ever seen on Grey’s.

– Seriously, did we have to see those pesky maggots in the patient’s feet? I’m scarred for life. Know your limits Shonda. Disgusting.

– Webber fired Bailey. Webber apologized to Meredith. Jo saved Webber. I’m losing interest here.

– I was admittedly very touched by Shane helping out the poor old lady because Heather used to. I’m just a sucker for old ladies. They always break my heart – that is when they’re not sending poor little girls into shock (in a highly-effective scene I might add).

Grey Banter

April: Matthew’s having a thing. I’m going as a bunny.
Callie: Playboy?
April: Velveteen!
Callie: Needs work.

Murphy: Where did you come from?
Bailey: I’m everywhere.

Lady: She was a very good doctor. Are you as good as she was?
Shane: No. But I will be.

Meredith: I can’t handle a broken Alex now.

Must-Download Tunes
Sun by Sleeping At Last
Inner Ninja by Classified featuring David Myles

A passable Halloween episode with some humorous touches.

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