Scandal 3×17 – Flesh & Blood

"I wanna see his head in the fire, and I wanna see..him..burn."


Aren’t penultimate episodes supposed to be a bit more thrilling?

The rate at which I’ve turned on Scandal this season makes me feel like a bigger traitor than Maya Pope, but I’ve honestly really started to hate these characters. And unfortunately, this week’s twists weren’t strong enough to make up for the story’s inherent flaws.

This episode’s low rating can primarily be attributed to Quin and Huck’s utterly disgusting sex scene in the parking lot. From choking to spitting, it was horrendously painful to watch. Seriously Shonda? Have we started to scrape the bottom of the barrel for shock factor? Are these two supposed to be entertaining? Because I often feel like gouging my eyes out with hot pokers whenever they show up on my screen. Oy.

On the bright side, I quite loved Rowan potentially dying at the hands of Mama Pope in the episode’s final moments. Truth be told, there’s not much that can be done with the character anymore, and his repetitive monologues had reached excruciating levels of tediousness. Plus, the move further sprung Mama Pope into the Big Bad stratosphere, as she’s really one of the only characters that seems to amuse me these days with her over-the-top villainy.

Naturally, Mellie is still the show’s MVP. As the tension continues to build regarding the rape revelation (and trust me, I will murder someone if it doesn’t happen in the finale), I was quite intrigued by Bellamy Young’s alcoholic performance this week. In fact, it was downright award-worthy, and she dropped just enough tidbits regarding Big Jerry that I’m hoping Liv managed to crack the code. However, that could be just wishful thinking on my part as Miss Pope has proven to be dumber than a mop in recent weeks.

I want to say the ending with the bomb was riveting, but I felt oddly detached from the proceedings. I don’t wanna Sally or Andrew to die and would gladly have Fitz blown to smithereens instead. Please exercise some common sense writers.

Scandalous Bits

– The opening scene with Fitz, Jake, Cyrus and Olivia fighting was pretty good. As was Jake revealing that he and Liv slept together while Fitz watched on in shock.

– Harrison calling Rowan “Papa Pope” felt like a straight out fan-service moment. Nice.

– I’ll admit that I loved Rowan calling Maya and threatening Dominic before eventually going through with the shooting as Huck held a screaming Liv.

– Quinn calling Huck and Charlie “two bickering little bitches” made me smile.

– Maya Pope strutting past the horny sex-couple and into Pope and Associates was just perfect. Khandi Alexander is a ridiculously magnetic presence.


Charlie: (to Jake) Command… (to Rowan) Other Command…

Jake: (to Olivia) Once his mask comes off… run.

Fitz: Somebody out there wants me dead.
Mellie: (with a laugh) You think it’s just “out there”?

Mellie: If we’re gonna die can we do it now so I don’t have to listen to you two.

Must-Download Tune
Super Bad by James Brown & The J.B.’s

Flesh & Blood wasn’t terrible, but I definitely think Scandal is ready to end the season and start fresh next year. Things have gotten much too messy.

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