Revenge 4×06 – Damage

"Sadly, erasing every trace of myself is my expertise."


It says a lot when the coolest character on Revenge is a NEW one (and we all know the show’s track record when it comes to introducing pointless new peasants). Louise has been a downright highlight this season with her whacky Victoria obsession and venomous zingers. The fact that the show actually showed us two different outcomes to her first meeting with Victoria (in the restaurant) was a stoke of genius, and spoke volumes as how to nutty this woman is. I honestly can’t wait to see what this whackjob does next, and I’m praying it involves bashing Margaux’s head in with a screwdriver.

I don’t know what the writers are doing wrong, but David is an extremely unlikeable character. Actually, he doesn’t have much of a personality at all. It would be a wise move to make him a full-on villain at this point, particularly after pulling the rug from under Nolan during that TV interview (a great scene I must admit), and ultimately punching him. Top that off with Emily’s discovery that he probably wasn’t even┬átortured in that supposed silo, and it’s looking pretty likely that he’s the mastermind behind all the evils of this show. Could it be that the writers are actually setting up an epic final faceoff between Emily and her dad where she actually ends up killing him? I doubt they’d take such a huge risk, but I’m open to seeing what they have up their sleeve. Because at this point, I’m still enormously frustrated by everything being dragged out to such an irritating degree.

Vengeful Bits

– Although I wish they had waited until the eventual series finale, I loved that they reused the famous Angus and Julia Stone song from the pilot. It really brings things full circle and it embodies Amanda and David’s relationship. But again, they should have waited until the finale.

– Victoria says that David has been acting “strange”, as opposed to how normal he’s been since he showed up again?

– So Charlotte calls Emily to deal with the crime scene, and still has time (and the nerve) to slip into a shiny revealing dress? It’s these kind of details that bug me.

– It’s nice of the show to remind us every once in a while that Emily actually does have SOME skills (as revealed during her setting up the fake scene at Charlotte’s).

– I was admittedly satisfied by Emily telling Charlotte that Vicky killed Aiden.

– I have zero interest in Jack and Ben’s investigation, even after they find the infinity carving.

– As much as I hate Charlotte, I loved the scene where she told Vicky that she was going to rehab. Madeleine Stowe did some great work here as you could sense she was somewhat guilty over everything she’d done while still trying to rationalize evil deeds.

– I don’t buy Daniel and Charlotte’s loving dynamic. But does Daniel FINALLY know about Emily’s identity?

– David telling Vicky to stay at the house with him at the end made me sick.

Devious Delights

Victoria: Well, maybe we should go over some talking points. There will be millions watching, and…
David: Well, that’s the good thing about the truth…You don’t need talking points.

Nolan: Hacking into the FBI should get harder as I get older, but… Nope. Wham, bam, thanks, Uncle Sam.

Charlotte: Oh, my God. How the hell did you get in here?
Victoria: I’m your mother… A fact that you don’t respect, but your doorman does.

Victoria: This girl is mentally imbalanced.
Daniel: So she’s a friend of yours.

Daniel: Believe me. I can handle her.
Victoria: You once said the exact same thing about Emily Thorne.

Louise: You were like a mother to me.
Victoria: We were roommates for a day.

Must-Download Tune
For You by Angus and Julie Stone

Another week, another frustrating hour of Revenge.

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  1. What a HORRIBLE episode, honestly. It's so funny because I watched this, then I watched The Affair. But I couldn't even focus right on The Affair because I kept thinking how horrible this episode was ­čśŤ

    Seriously, I hate David Clark now.

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