Revenge 4×15 – Bait

"What exactly did you love most? The fact that he was worth millions, or that he was on death's doorstep? I think it was both."


This was much better than I expected.

Since so many long-running arcs came to an end in Revenge‘s last outing, I assumed the show would tread water this week. So imagine my surprise when I found myself immensely entertained by Bait. It’s definitely an achievement that the writers have managed to make the rivalry between Emily and Margaux an entertaining one. Sure the latter is still far from menacing, but it’s just so satisfying to watch our Ems outwit her at every turn. The entire breaking and entering plot was a hoot to watch, particularly with Louise lending her talents to Team Emily and our heroine casually flaunting her smarts in front of Miss Frenchie. Not bad at all!

Just as I predicted, Gina Torres is a perfect fit on Revenge as the imposing Natalie Waters. It was very amusing to watch her and Victoria trade barbs after the reveal that Natalie was married to Conrad’s father. Interestingly, Torres still managed to imbue her character with a sense of vulnerability during her scenes with David. I’m equally impressed by the writers for giving the character multiple dimensions; it would have been very easy to just make her a straight up villain. Color me majorly intrigued.

And how about that final scene? Four years in the making, and Jack finally came clean and told Emily he wanted to be with her (“it’s always been you”). Nick Wechsler and Emily VanCamp delivered some exceptional and remarkably moving work here. However, I’m not entirely sure why Emily said no; does her response really make sense from a storytelling perspective, or is the show just dragging out its endgame couple? Oh well, you can’t win em all.

Vengeful Bits

– It was nice to see Ems happy in the teaser (post-sex with Ben the charisma vacuum).

– Hilarious moment: Vicky discovering Edward only left her the dogs in his will.

–  It’s always awesome to see Emily training. Loved the scene of her on the beach climbing and flipping.

– All the double-crosses in this hour were very season one-esque. Nolan’s spy ended up working for Margaux, and Emily and Jack tricked blondie with the bracelet. Each of these little reveals caught me off-guard.

–  Emily scaling the building was so very Mission Impossible. More please.

– Vicky teaming up with Lyman is full of possibilities. They’re both supremely devious, and Vicky needs a partner in crime to cause some much-needed havoc.

– I absolutely loved the Emily-Margaux face-off in the office, particularly with Emily revealing that  Margaux unknowingly compromised her own system through the bracelet.

– Vicky faking sincerity with Lyman – hilarious.

– Margaux blackmailing Ben with his ex-wife. What’s the story here? Looks like she’ll be causing some real damage here.

Devious Delights

Louise; Well, I was hoping you would have caught a ride out of town on mama’s broom.

Lyman: My apologies. I couldn’t help but overhear.
Victoria: No one ever means that.

Louise: There’s that “but” again… And not the “looks good in those pants” kind.

Emily: Trying to get me on a B&E? Was that the best you could do? Should’ve brought your FBI pals up here, because I both broke and entered. Nice try, though.
Margaux: I don’t know what you’re talking about.
Emily: A word of advice… If you’re gonna keep coming at me, you’re gonna have to be a hell of a lot smarter. Margaux: You think you’re invincible.
Emily: Not invincible. Just… Better.
Margaux: I will find your weak spot.
Emily: Let me save you the trouble. I don’t have one.

An entertaining hour that exceeded my expectations.

Nad Rating


  1. I think Emily saying no to Jack is just a way to drag out that particular storyline, knowing this show's history of doing the same to other storylines. I honestly don't care whether Emily hooks up with Jack or not. Jack seems like a good guy but, despite that, he's just boring to me. Daniel was a more interesting option. For a while, I thought the show would take that direction based on how Daniel and Emily were slowly reconnecting and Daniel opening his eyes to his own nature and that of his family. But, no, instead they decide to kill him off to shake up the show. I still think that was a bad move.

    I like how Louise took part in Emily's scheme. I hope she'll take part in future schemes planned by Emily and Nolan. I sometimes wonder if Louise and Nolan would hook up at some point, turning their marriage from a sham to something real. If that doesn't happen, I'm okay with them being friends.

  2. – I actually thought for a second Margaux was going to have the upper hand here but I am glad to see Emily kicking ass as usual.

    – The last scene was probably one of the VERY few times I was actually moved by Jack's performance.

    – “Vicky faking sincerity with Lyman” was indeed hilarious!

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