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Humans 1×02 – Episode 2

“I’m watching you." / "I’m watching you too, Laura… You’re right in front of me.”


Although I’m slightly disappointed the show immediately reset itself just a few moments into the second episode (and almost dumping the cliffhanger from the pilot), this was still a highly entertaining and disturbing hour.

An argument can be made about the show slowly developing its characters as this episode felt lacking in pace (at first!) but comprising of some good character moments. While I still don’t feel any emotional attachment to the Hawkins family, I’m beginning to appreciate the horrific lives and stories of the Synths. Yes, I’m rooting for the robots not the humans, and I’m not sure if that’s what the show intended.

But how could we not root for them when we have a scene like Niska (the Synth who’s stuck at a brothel) finally going full-on conscious, attacking people and screaming into the mirror? My goodness, that screaming thing—perfectly executed in an inaudible five-second scene—was downright terrifying. I can’t wait for more disturbing battles between humans and robots. I’m crossing my fingers for a bloody, creepy clash between Anita and that Brit dad who gets on my nerves a lot.

The mom, on the other hand, continues to be underwhelming in the material she’s given. I get that it’s difficult to act annoyed by a robot in your house when in fact it’s Gemma Chan, but instead of feeling emotionally invested in this family’s debacle, I’m starting to feel that Anita is the one who deserves to be creeped out by them (not the other way around). How old is that young boy exactly and what was he trying to do with her?! I wished she would have slapped him right then and there because that was unsettling. On another note, how cool is it when the Synths charge themselves at the end of the night?

After all of the slowly-paced developments, the show finally delivered the goods around two-thirds into the episode. I didn’t particularly care so much about Leo and his Synth Max’s adventures in the premiere because it is such an old, worn-out trope in mystery thrillers, but luckily this episode truly upped the stakes after revealing a few shocking twists regarding that storyline. I won’t spoil it to any of you, but if this is one of the twists the show promises to deliver every now and then, then I am extremely impressed and will be anxiously waiting to find out more. Also might have to rewatch the pilot to look for any hidden clues.

So, in short, yes this is a show worthy of your time. I don’t usually trust a TV show after just two episodes (hey, Gotham, we haven’t missed you by the way), but Humans earns it with its early-on reveals, disturbing universe and perfectly portrayed robots (who are much better than the humans who’ve adopted them). With the show constantly adding more robots to care for and hate (George’s new Synth is a nightmare), I’m getting more and more intrigued.

Bits & Synths

– George’s storyline is absolutely the best one on the show. I loved how he has his Synth hidden out in the back because he hates his new “upgrade”. And I liked the reveal that he was involved in creating these Synths in the first place.

– The husband and wife struggling to connect seems like a random and odd storyline since we haven’t seen much of their Synth Simon yet. He doesn’t look as creepy as the rest.

– Seriously can’t praise enough the Niska scene with the man who told her to act scared and young. This is why I signed up for the show, writers!

– Creepiest/Best moment of the episode: Laura and Anita’s “I’m watching you” scene. I loved the fake-out Anita gave her at the end!

– The spider scene was hilarious. I loved Laura during that moment for thinking that Anita did it on purpose just to creep her out.

– I already hate all the teen angst stuff involving the Hawkins girl. How long before she starts doing drugs or drinking her problems away?

– So, if you have seen the episode, what is the deal with Leo?! It was sad to see Max struggling not to help his fellow human from an attack at first because it would reveal his true identity (conscious Synth in the house) but then he got injured and things got pretty…interesting, to say the least, no?

– The final scene is again very “sinister” and equally intriguing. Anita is just beautiful, why would you take her back?

The first half of the episode was slow and sometimes dull (the Hawkins are the worst, ok?), but everything after that proved that the show is taking risks and evolving into a powerful, compelling saga.

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