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The Flash 2×04 – The Fury of Firestorm

“He said no to being a superhero! Who does that?”


Well, that was kind of dull.

It’s become a surprise when an episode of The Flash doesn’t prove to be entertaining, but in all fairness it’s easy to see why The Fury of Firestorm didn’t work: it was simply building the pieces for the Legends spin-off you probably haven’t heard about yet.

With Ronnie gone, it’s been interesting trying to figure out how Firestorm was going to come together again before midseason, and that’s where Jax comes in. This character is so by-the-books and cheesy, it’s hard to get attached or even care about him at all. The high-school football player who couldn’t get into college could have been saved if the actor playing him was even remotely interesting, but sadly even he was cheesy and dull.

This sudden, random storyline also seemed to bring out the worst in Caitlin. It was so weird seeing her suddenly talk about how scientists deserve to become superheroes (as opposed to letting a middle-class college dropout have superpowers because those people don’t deserve anything apparently). Plus, if I hear anyone on this show saying the phrase “you’re part of something bigger” one more time, I think I’m going to pluck my hairs out. Come on, writers, you can surely do better than that, no?

What also didn’t work here was the heavy-handed message the episode was trying to tell us about moving on and trying something new. This show has never been subtle when attempting these kinds of messages, but the exposition was too hard not to miss, especially when followed by Barry’s cringeworthy voiceovers. In fact, the whole hour felt extremely derivative and very reminiscent of early season one. Barry saying that it took him a long time to figure out how to adjust to being a superhero didn’t help either; it really still feels like he just became the Flash yesterday for some reason.

Surprising absolutely everyone, the Iris drama was relatively strong at first. I loved her first meeting with her mother as it finally gave Iris (and Candice Patton by proximity) a reason to show how strong she can be (calling her mother by her first name was brutally cold and awesome). But sadly, this storyline wasn’t given the right amount of time to breathe as it kept revealing twist after twist just for the sake of getting it over with. Learning that Francine was sick and has a son out there were too much for an already crowded hour. Well, this storyline barely had any potential anyway.

And then that shark! I have to say, I literally laughed at the hilarious sight gag at first and was waiting for it to be a dream or something, but I’m somewhat relieved they went through with it. It’s exactly the kind of comic-book trope that this show can pull off because of its lighthearted nature and tone (but let’s not do it again, maybe?). Plus, any scene that ends with Harrison Wells shooting a shark-man and revealing himself to Barry is a fantastic, chilling scene.

Speedy Bits

– Patty Spivot continues to be absolutely adorable and her chemistry with Barry still off the charts. Man she makes Iris look so bad in comparison.

– Seriously, I can’t get enough of how racist and horrible Caitlin was being this week. The supporting characters were all awfully written on this episode, I’m afraid to report.

– I’m a little glad Professor Stein is leaving if only because STAR Labs has become overcrowded lately.

– Barry and Joe’s heartwarming moment in the station was great. I always look forward for father-son moments between these two.

– So when will we meet Wally West (Iris’ brother)? And why does this twist still feel very soapy?

– Amusing touch: Francine says she is suffering from Macgregor Syndrome, a fictional disease that Nora Fries had in the comics. Good one, writers.

– This show needs to stop treading water every week with a Wells cameo in the final 10 seconds and start getting to the main story: who is Zoom?!

– I am super excited to see what Wells and Barry will be up to next week.

– Would you want to see more of King Shark? And seriously, wasn’t that the most unexpected thing you’ve seen all week? Would it be too much to ask for a King Shark/Gorilla Grodd fight scene?

Red Blurs & One-Liners

Cisco: Are we just gonna make a Tinder app for potential metahumans?

Patty: Hey, put him down! Put your hands—your fins in the air!

Sadly, this was a bit of a letdown. At least the shark bit was amusing, though.

Chris Rating


  1. Yeah, this wasn't a very good episode. The Jax character was a bit cardboard. But I wouldn't describe Caitlin's behavior as racist. Snobby, yes, because she had high expectations for who will succeed to Ronnie's place within the combined Firestorm duo.

    I did admire Iris for making her feelings clear to her absente mother in an adult manner. But I question the direction that was taken later on. Iris's mother dying is one thing and would explain why she would have the guts to seek out her daughter after all these years. But having her have a son on top of that is too much of the stuff of soap operas.

    Well, Chris, based on the promo, it seems next episode will be getting to the main story of Zoom you and I have been waiting for with Wells at the center. I look forward to what the scenes between alternate Wells and Team Flash are going to be like.

    BTW where is Jay? I don't recall hearing an explanation for his absence this episode.

  2. Soap opera indeed! I can't believe the direction they took with that horrendous storyline.

    Yeah Jay just wasn't in this episode, without even an explanation! Proves just how lazy and disappointing this hour was.

    Excited to see this week's episode though!

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