Galavant Season Review

Galavant – Season Two

"Looks like we're all together again. Lovely! Our story lines have been much too separated."


I was worried season one was a fluke; I was wrong, because this is one hell of a special show.

It’s true that not everyone can stand a musical, but when the lyrics are this hysterical and the characters this lovable, it’s hard not to be completely taken by this wildly creative comedy. As superb as its debut season was, season two of Galavant is even better.

In season two, this medieval musical wisely gives the show’s hilarious supporting characters a chance to shine. Chief among them is King Richard played by the magnificent Timothy Omundson. His character actually eclipses Galavant as the unlikely hero of the piece – a sharp contrast to his role last season. His arc is wonderfully satisfying all the way through to the end, showcasing actual growth that feels genuinely earned. Vinnie Jones and Mallory Janson are equally outstanding as Queen Madalena and Gareth, the devious duo who surprisingly (and amusingly) begin to fall for each other. The former in particular undergoes an engaging development in the season finale that has me enormously excited for season three (if the show gets that magical renewal once more).

But amidst the catchy tunes and imaginative choreography, the greatest thing about Galavant is its self-referential humor. Season two is packed with spot-on meta nods referring to the fact that the show got a surprise season two renewal, not to mention winks aimed at the audience at every turn. This is one self-aware show, and it’s truly unlike anything else on television.

If you still haven’t Galavant a shot, now’s your chance; this is still one of the most innovative productions around.

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