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Marvel’s Agents of Shield 3×21/22 – Absolution/Ascension

"I hunted you down and killed you, unleashing this Ward reboot nightmare hell beast on the planet."


Here’s a show that keeps going from strength to strength.

When it first debuted, Shield was your average action adventure show. But following a game-changing twist halfway through the season, it soon evolved into a thrilling Marvel adventure. The upward trend continued in a terrific sophomore year, and was further punctuated by an incredible third season. This week’s two-part finale might not have been as potent as last year’s extravaganza, but it bookended a much more cohesive and engaging season.

As sorry as I am to see Brett Dalton go, I feel like now was the proper time to write the character off. Dalton was phenomenal when Ward finally revealed his true nature in season one, but having to embody a stoic and emotionless Hive this season didn’t really let the actor to tap into his full potential. Nevertheless, it did allow him to interact with Skye/Daisy once more, as their dynamic was always the heart of the show (and part of me always wondered if the writers were ever going to reunite them in some twisted romantic way). I definitely feel like there aren’t any loose ends left in terms of this relationship, and that’s certainly an achievement.

Moreover, while I can’t say I was too moved by Lincoln’s death, the decision to kill him definitely made the most sense. He never really clicked fully as a character, and the relationship between him and Daisy was never as epic as the writers wanted it to be. Killing him off means the fandom won’t get too pissed off (as opposed to say offing May), while still having real ramifications on the team and Daisy in particular.

Truth be told, I’m curious to see where the next chapter of Shield takes us. As the final flash-forward showed us, Daisy is off on her own (as Quake), causing havoc and yet still trying to help those in need (the wife and child of Charles Hinton). In addition, Mack and Coulson are hot on her trail, and there’s a new Shield director (my bet is on May). Intriguing stuff.

Bits & Fitz

– Hilarious bit with Fitz doing the monkey sounds.

– While I appreciate the idea behind Lincoln frying Hive’s brain, the scene with the confused baddie went on for far too long.

– Super nifty fight scene with May fighting the three grunts indoors. I just love how much action Ming-Na Wen actually does (so many actors just let their stunt doubles take over).

– Really touching moment with Mack forgiving Daisy and forcing a hug as she breaks down in his arms.

– Lots of amusing red herrings in the two-hour finale as the necklace from the flash-forward kept jumping from person to person, finally ending up with Lincoln.

– Probably one of the single best action sequences this show’s ever done (and they’ve had quite a few astounding ones): the Daisy-Ward fight. Not only were both actors in practically every single frame, but I loved the fluid transitions with Daisy utilizing her powers mid-fight in addition to her hand-to-hand combat skills. Plus, we got lots of nifty aerial camera angles. What a scene!

– I kind of wish Yoyo died saving Mack.

– Who else wanted to listen to May opening her heart out to Daisy before she got knocked out? I want to see more of their mother-daughter dynamic in season three.

– The great thing about this finale is that even the “weaker” characters got a bunch of “hero” moments: Fitz awesomely killed Guyera with the invisible gun, while Simmons incapacitated the grunts by figuring out the heat trick. So good!

– Epic hologram twist by Coulson. Also, I don’t know how to feel about Hive’s true face; a bit too Pirates of the Caribbean for me.

– Loved the moment where Lincoln zapped Daisy out of the Quinjet and flew off with Ward.

– While I appreciated the Avengers-style sweeping shot of all our characters kicking ass in a single frame, it paled in comparison (since this show doesn’t have a billion dollar budget). Oh well, A for effort.

– How great was the conversation between a dying Lincoln and Hive? Very poignant (see below in its entirety).

– Loved Daisy in the fast-forward with that goth look and the super-high quake jump. Woah!

– I’m not totally sure what to make of the ending with Dr. Radcliffe. A quick Wikipedia search led me to learn that he built some sort of android from the comic book. Meh.

Marvel-ous Quips

Hive: So the only thing that’s left to decide is whether to add your mind to my current collection… or just consume your flesh.
Radcliffe: No, I can handle it. I’ll fix it, I swear. Please, don’t… do those things.

Yoyo: Oh, this isn’t about superspeed This is about your turtle speed. You work and then you stare and work and then more staring.

Radcliffe: (to Lincoln) Hey, “Electric Company,” can you light things up?

Daisy: My powers are nothing compared to Hive.
May: I don’t give a damn about your powers. They’re not what made you an agent. I did.

Hank: So, uh, when we blow this thing, three continents’ worth of people are gonna end up looking like these buggers, yeah? Even the ladies? Look, I don’t want to seem ungrateful. I’m pumped to be changing the world and all that, but down the road, can we still look at tweaking the formula? I’ve had some not so “Golden Girls” in my time. You know, I had too much booze in the mix. I’m just trying to manage expectations moving forward.

Coulson: I said I was willing to die, sure, but I certainly don’t want to. I picked up this little move from my misguided buddy Blake. Figured I could get an egomaniac who’d been alone for 1,000 years to chat.

Daisy: You can’t just die for me like this. It’s … It’s wrong.
Lincoln: I don’t know. Saving the girl that I love and the world at the same time? Feels pretty right to me.

Lincoln: Well, I got to see the world.
Hive: It’s beautiful. Smaller than you imagine.
Lincoln: Yeah.
Hive: I only wanted to make it better.
Lincoln: I know.
Hive: To feel a connection. But you must feel that already… to sacrifice for them… with all their flaws.
Lincoln: They’re only human.

Not as mindblowing as last year’s finale, but still an action-packed and emotional ending to the show’s best season yet.

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