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The Last Ship 3×01/02 The Scott Effect / Rising Sun

"My Chinese isn't what it used to be, and it used to be awful."


Well that was supremely underwhelming.

I don’t think it’s fair of the writers to end season two with the apparent death of Rachel Scott, and then keep things so mysterious upon the show’s return almost a YEAR later. Cliffhangers are only as good as their payoff, and this wasn’t satisfying television in the slightest. If you’re going to kill off a lead character (which is seeming more and more likely), COMMIT to it and put a stamp on it. But the way things are now, Rachel could be very much be in hiding as some part of a long-con. I’m confused, and not in a good way.

Unfortunately, the rest of the two-hour premiere couldn’t make up for the above messy resolution. Ship’s return was muddled by a slew of new characters (why should I care about Sasha exactly?), slow-pacing, and bizarre developments. While I appreciate the sense of scope with China being added to the mix, the show is going to have to do a whole lot better than President Peng when it comes to the villain department.

The second half of the premiere wisely injected some much needed action into the proceedings. When all else fails, blow stuff up, and that’s exactly what the show did. Not only did we get a pair of fantastic warehouse fight scenes with Danny kicking ass, but a pretty awesome blockbuster sequence with a helicopter chasing a boat chasing ANOTHER boat. Plus the scenery was frickin’ stunning!

Tex Mix

– President Michener’s opening voiceover was effective at building up the show’s new world – especially the ration stamps (hello Rachel).

– Kara’s teary orders to the Nathan James were quite touching. I love Marissa Neitling. More screen-time for her please!

– New credit sequence! Sadly, it’s nowhere near as fantastic as season two’s!

– I find it very strange that they killed off Valerie/Valkyrie. I was sure she was going to be a regular after being introduced so recently. Plus she had sparks with Wolf!

– Speaking of Wolf, he needs more air-time too badass!

– Super cool moment with the gang coming out of the van with all their various hiding spaces and shooting everyone in sight.

– This premiere was postponed in the States due to the Orlando massacre. It’s easy to see why; I can’t even fathom the coincidence of Last Ship featuring a nightclub shooting of all things.

– I loved Dichen Lachman on Dollhouse, but I can’t say she sold me here. I did like her “are you two sleeping together” moment though.

– The song choice in that final scene was so very bizarre wasn’t it?

– So why was Mason’s blood being drained exactly?

– It must be reiterated: if Rachel is dead, then I fail to see the benefit of this development from a writing perspective. Her dynamic with Chandler was the highlight of the show, and the season two finale soared to new heights thanks to their electrifying chemistry. I do hope it’s a fakeout, or else we could have another Laurel on our hands.

Quotes & Cures

Sasha: The man who saved the world.
Tom I just drove the sip.

Tom: I’m processing
Sasha: You’re brooding.

A disappointing and frustrating return from a show that rarely faltered in its first two seasons. How unfortunate.

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  1. I agree with all that, except I don't think it's possible that Rachel is in hiding. If that was possible, they would have given tips to the possibility to keep people glued.

  2. So true, this was disappointing and I'm worried the season will be quite underwhelming now 🙁

    I don't believe that Rachel is dead. They're definitely building up Sacha as the new Rachel (we also have that in UnREAL haha) as Chandler's new love interest, just in time for her to come back from the dead! I think it's a terrible idea but ANYTHING to keep her on the show!

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