Arrow 5×11 – Second Chances

"Lady wants to commit suicide, we should let her. Free country."


It’s idiotic to me that the show brings in another Black Canary when Laurel was killed off for no logical reason last season, and then even when the potential was there to rectify the situation (Black Siren last week), Katie Cassidy is disrespected yet again. Nevertheless, I want to give Juliana Harkavy the benefit of the doubt, but that’s going to be hard when she’s saddled with such a cliche badass stereotype with a broken past. Let’s not mention the fact that she ALSO has the Canary Cry which is suddenly far from a rare ability. How many others are there then? Ugh, borderline idiotic.

Second Chances is also notable for introducing Nyssa Al Ghul’s more famous sister, Batman villainess Talia Al Ghul. Although Lexa Doig is older than I envisioned, she immediately makes an impression. She’s majestic and formidable, and the fact that she mentions everything Flashback Ollie has done thus far means we’re definitely in the final stretch (apparently the flashbacks will not continue in season six which is certainly refreshing). Plus it creates a thrilling little moment as Ollie puts on his hood for the first time. Here’s hoping she appears in the present day timeline as well, while butting heads with Nyssa in the process. I need Katrina Law back on the show to shake things up a bit.

Bits & Arrows

– I will admit to enjoying Dinah (yup, that’s her real name, just like Laurel’s mom) receiving her powers when the particle accelerator exploded. The fact that she was screaming at that moment because her lover was being murdered is a clever touch.

– Since when did Oliver think Laurel had “impossible standards” as Felicity says? He never believed in her and constantly belittled her. So contrived.

– Yao Fei was Talia’s student. Yes she looks younger, but we all know her “family secret” is the Lazarus Pit.

– Oliver gets Barry to help with the Captain. It’s the quickest cameo of all time. Ha!

– Dinah has the same leather jacket as Laurel now?

– The running joke with Rene and the burgers amused me more than I expected.

– I hate it when Ollie says the five years in hell line. We get it show, you’re using the intro in your dialogue. So clever.

– Loved the choreography in both fight sequences: the rooftop, and the flashback one-shot with Ollie and the gun. Terrific camerawork.

– So Ollie nags about Dinah killing people, then blows up a helicopter which crashes on to the street and kills how many people? This show…

– I’m glad Dinah got her revenge and shot the baddie at the end. No cliche last minute save. Refreshing.

– I’m not even going to focus on Felicity’s atrocious hacker storyline which is tediously boring on every level. Apparently we’ll be exploring the character’s “dark side” this season. Absolutely thrilling.

– Diggle is free to go. Yay. I hated this storyline.

Quips & Canaries

Dinah: I can take care of myself. Oh, and, uh, if you get in my way, I’ll send the 3 of you back to Star City with your nuts in a sling.

Oliver: Where’d you get that?
Talia: Wasn’t hard. Sneaking past a bunch of oafish Bratva is hardly a test of my skills.

Curtis: Sorry, but the Wi-Fi in here is incredibly slow.
Rene: Well, you take your time. Got 3 patties and 3 slices of cheddar to go.
Oliver: That’s disgusting.

Oliver: I am a monster.
Talia: There is a monster inside you, yes, but it is not you.
Oliver: I don’t see the difference.
Talia: No. You need to create one. You need to give the monster an identity. It’s only when the monster becomes someone else, some…thing…else that you’re free to be Oliver Queen.

Although Laurel Lance’s legacy has been completely tarnished, Talia Al Ghul is around to salvage what’s left of the show making for a somewhat enjoyable hour.

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