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Grey’s Anatomy 14×03 – Go Big or Go Home

"Come on. It's kind of hilarious. I'm a brain surgeon, and I got a brain tumor."


What a top-notch hour.

Although the revelation that Amelia’s behavior over the past ten years has been compromised (it’s a bit of an insane retcon), everything about the tumor storyline has been handled brilliantly. It’s a worrying arc that ups the stakes (Amelia could very well die), and appropriately tugs at our heartstrings. The emotion is especially on point in that final sequence when Owen discover that his wife has a tumor, and Meredith arrives to the hospital room and gets into bed with Amelia. Notice that the music just stops and everything is quiet with a hint of dread. Wow.

Go Big or Go Home is also notable because one of the patients is Meredith’s very own psychiatrist Dr. Walter Carr. It’s a wonderful subplot, and a lot of that is thanks to Bill Smitrovich’s hilarious performance. He’s equal parts lovable and wise, and I wish we could get more screen-time between him and Meredith (and her hysterical “moods”).

This hour also features the return of Dr. Harper Avery (last seen in season six). The character is a rude misogynist who threatens to close down the hospital before firing Bailey (or “Bingy” as he hilariously calls her). Thankfully, his loathsome attitude makes his death a particularly cheerworthy moment. Good riddance.

Bits & Scalpels

– Too cute: Zola and Alex high-fiving each other.

– Amelia’s mentor Tom Koracick arrives to the hospital. Greg Germann is a good fit in the role but the character is too arrogant to be likeable.

– Is Brody new? I like her.

– As great as this episode was, a few things did make me roll my eyes: the homecoming proposal, the ick factor between Maggie and Jackson, and of course the never-ending saga of Jo and Alex (the latter will finally move back in).

– DeLuca trying to tell Maggie about Amelia’s tumor in code (while she assumed he was apologizing for his treatment of her) was comedy GOLD. More scenes like this please.

– I freakin’ adore Carina. Her recommendation for the patient to have sex so she can increase dilation is so amusing.

– It’s irritating (yet strangely believable) to see Catherine not stand up to someone being such as an ass.

– Maggie discovering that Amelia has a tumor is just so heartbreaking.

– I love the complexity in Meredith exploding at Riggs for throwing away the gift that is Megan’s return. It’s just so good.

– “Why’s your name on those scans?” is one the most gut-wrenching moments ever isn’t it?

Grey Banter

Meredith: I’m going to tell you a secret. Doctors are not gods. We like you to think we have all the answers. You have to trust us enough to let us cut open your flesh and poke around at your insides. So it’s helpful if you think we have it all together. It’s helpful if you don’t know that, just like you, we’re anxious, we’re insecure, we’re angry. You have to let us come at you with a scalpel. So it’s helpful if you don’t know that, just like you, we’re wrecks.

Megan: (to Owen) I haven’t farted naturally in six months because of a bag attached to my side. And I have a stranger’s abs sewn onto me. I’m separated from my child by 10 time zones. And I just sent the man that I’m in love with back to the woman he fell in love with while I was supposedly dead. Oh, but let’s keep discussing your tragic life.

Meredith: I don’t do love triangles. I was raised in one. I fell in love with my husband in one. I am done with triangles. All I did was take your advice to embrace not being alone.
Dr. Carr: So the triangle’s my fault?
Meredith: Yes. Except there is no triangle.

Amelia: I could’ve removed this tumor before breakfast with my eyes closed.
Richard: Oh, now you’re just being unkind.
Amelia: Koracick would let me remove this tumor while he removed mine.
Richard: (leaving) I have patients.
Amelia: Did they even have microscopes strong enough to see this tumor back then?

Meredith: And you’re still wearing your wedding ring. I spend weeks in your office taking your advice. You’re a bigger mess than I am.
Dr. Carr: We teach best what we most need to learn.
Meredith: And people pay you for that?
Dr. Carr: Trust me. You’re not gonna do any better. Us messes have all the answers.

Harper Avery: Catherine, can you take Bingy somewhere else to have her feelings?

Catherine: You used the word “groundbreaking” 35 times. Never once did you mention that it was pro bono!
Bailey: I am in the middle of a conversation with the Army to get that money back!
Catherine: Well, maybe they can help pay for how you redecorated the whole damn hospital!
Bailey: You said the walls look lovely!

Jackson: Harper Avery was not only a permanent fixture in medicine. He was my grandfather. I take special comfort in knowing that he died….(after a pause) doing what he loved.

Must-Download Tunes
Footprints by Molly Kate Kestner

A powerful and emotional hour with just the right amount of signature Grey’s humor.

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  1. And just like that I now care about a character that totally irritated me during previous seasons! To attribute all of Amelia’s craziness and stupid decisions to a tumor growing for many years, that is just impressive. Or maybe it is sad. I dunno.

    P.S. Is it too much to ask Shonda to pair Jackson with a normal lovable character for once? 🙁

    1. So true! The tumor is as genius move from a plot perspective as it retcons everything!

      Your Jackson wish… AMEN!

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