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American Horror Story 1×08 – Rubber Man

"Young girls, old ladies with feather dusters, you're so weird and pathetic I'm surprised you're not after me!"


I didn’t love this one. I was really looking forward to a whole episode dedicated to the Rubber Man but I found the reveal a bit disappointing and a tad too disturbing for my tastes. So Tate impregnated his girlfriend’s mom? (And tried to rape her again no less). That’s crossing all sorts of lines Mr. Ryan Murphy.

Nevertheless, I won’t deny that this was an entertaining hour (much like the rest of the season) as it was just heartbreaking to watch Vivian “lose her mind”. She at least got proactive for once as she managed to (hilariously) get a hold of Marcie’s gun. Violet however was highly unlikeable as she threw her mother under the bus so she could keep her deranged boy-toy.

I also quite enjoyed Hayden’s little exposition dump to Nora which shed light on a lot of the show’s rules and storylines. However, there was a bit too much emphasis on Hayden who I don’t find particularly compelling. Moira on the other hand was incredible as always as she got to give her madam a fantastic monologue about women being oppressed by men throughout history (as well as confirming that the house was possessed).

Still, I can’t get over the Tate twist which was just too disturbing for my tastes and not satisfying enough as an answer to make up for it. Nevertheless, I still have absurdly high hopes for the rest of the season.

An entertaining hour that was unfortunately tainted by a highly disappointing reveal.

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