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Once Upon A Time 2×07 – Child Of The Moon

"Once one controls something, one no longer need fear it."


I really wanted to love this one. I’d been eagerly awaiting another Ruby episode for quite a while now. However while this hour had its moments, I found it to be a highly disappointing outing.

I don’t know what it was about Ruby’s backstory that felt forced. Was it Meghan Ory’s surprisingly one-note performance? The cheap sets? The rushed emotion with her mom? Whatever it was, it failed miserably and proved to be extremely unsatisfying. I did however enjoy Red’s friendship with Snow as that’s one dynamic I’d definitely like to see more of in the future.

In addition, I’m starting to worry that the show is losing a bit of its focus as the shift to Red’s backstory after last week’s Emma adventures felt a tad too jarring. This episode really felt like it had absolutely nothing to do with the season’s main arc which rendered it sort of pointless. Nevertheless, I’m sure the show will bounce back next week.

Stroybrooke Snippets

– God Meghan Ory is gorgeous.

– It’s fun how Alan Dale keeps popping up as the Big Bad in so many of my favorite shows. From Charles Widmore on Lost to Bradford Meade on Ugly Betty and now he’s King George here. Talk about typecast.

– I seriously love granny. I wouldn’t mind an episode dedicated to her alone.

– The cliffhanger was weak. The Henry and Aurora thing has been telegraphed since last week.

Fairytale Favorites

David: What the hell is this?
Ruby: We’re making a cage. Know anybody who might want 38 frozen lasagnas?
David: I’m sorry what?
Granny: I know nobody would believe it if you told them my lasagna was frozen.

While it should have been great, this was unfortunately a very disappointing hour of Once Upon A Time.

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  1. this was my least favorite episode, i'm not liking these episodes without the main characters but next looks really good so i'm definately looking forward to that one

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