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Grey’s Anatomy 9×08 – Love Turns You Upside Down

"Some of us have to overcome more than others."


Underwhelming. I don’t know what they were thinking making the lousy interns the focus of this hour but I didn’t enjoy this episode. In fact, I found myself bored quite a bit throughout which is rarely the case with Grey’s.

Shonda is lucky to have such a sprawling cast and yet she chooses to focus on a bunch of useless interns? I really don’t get this decision. Their names elude me and none of them were particularly intriguing except for Jo who’s sort of won me over. Honestly I don’t know if it’s because the character is interesting, or because she’s just gotten a lot of screen-time lately from the Santa subplot to this episode’s major emphasis. I could be brainwashed.

I really don’t have much else to say as the hour was entirely forgettable and pointless. It’s definitely not why I watch this show and it practically sucked the life out of an awesome season. Let’s hope the mid-season finale salvages the sour taste left by this episode.

Bits & Scalpels

– I much prefer April as a bitch. I wish she always had a mean streak.

– The two single parents waiting for the heart was a different enough kind of medical plot. I still wasn’t that enthralled.

– The hillbilly mother and daughter duo did crack me up. That is until they abandoned the baby. Evil. (It did make Jo shoving the mom extremely satisfying though).

– Neve Cambell on Grey’s Anatomy? As Derek’s sister? This should be weird.

Grey Banter

April: Those lumps are attached to people. Scared people!

Edwards: Kepner? Dude she’s the dud of the attendings.

Much like The Vampire Diaries this week, the weakest episode the show has had in the longest time.

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