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How I Met Your Mother 9×22 – The End of the Aisle

“Kids, I won’t lie. That was a long weekend.”


“Love is the best thing you do,” Ted tells his kids as he wraps up the penultimate episode of How I Met Your Mother, an episode which was satisfying, enjoyable and as charming as this show can possibly be. It marked the end of so many game-changing tactics this show has been toying with for the past nine years.

Finally, Robin and Barney got married. The closing moments with the two of them sharing their vows, making small talk and laughing down the aisle was so adorable to watch, and Future Ted’s voice-overs about love and the vows we make to our better halves was the icing on the cake. We’ve been waiting for these two to get hitched for the longest time, because they really are perfect for each other, and getting married finally closes the door on any Ted/Robin possibility.

I didn’t really believe Ted when he told Robin that he doesn’t love her anymore and that the two of them shouldn’t run away together, but I’m so glad he just let her go. It’s about time!

Other than that, I particularly enjoyed The Final Slap! Marshall slapped Barney at the chapel as he tried to escape once again. It was anti-climatic, sudden and unplanned, but it was nevertheless brilliant for reminding us that the end is near and the writers are insistent on tying up all loose ends. Also, how great was the Ring Bear?! I wish we could’ve seen the Flower Gorilla though; seriously, how hilarious is Barney, folks?

Another great thing about this episode was that Robin met the Mother just as she was trying to run out on her wedding. This show does clichés pretty well, especially when the Mother told the bride to close her eyes and take three deep breaths. Yes, it was a little cringeworthy on the writer’s  part, but you let these things slide because you cherish any moment you have with this gang since we only have just one episode left. And my favorite part about Robin and the Mother meeting was definitely the aftermath: Barney showing up, and later telling his bride that Ted found the locket and gave it to him to give to her.

It marked the beginning of a new honest Barney who remains up until now the best-written and most developed character on this show. It will be particularly difficult to part ways with his magic tricks and psychological lies this Monday. I do think that we’ve been waiting for this wedding to happen for a few seasons now, and having it all end within the final few minutes felt rushed, but I’d be lying if I didn’t think it was also pretty legendary.

Slaps & Bits

-Amusing touch: an instrumental version of “Sandcastles in the Sand” played as Robin walked down the aisle.

-Marshal and Lily recreating their vows was the episode’s best moment.

-Barney had a long list of unacceptable vows. My favorite was “I vow to love you forever…unless you pudge out, in which case I’m a Barney-shaped hole in the wall.”

-Another amusing touch: the Mother tells Robin that she’s a bit of a detective. Hello, Ted 2.0!

– Patrice: You’ve never looked more beautiful, Robin.
Robin: Nobody asked you, Patrice.

The penultimate episode was fun and amusing as the writers did their best to tie up all loose ends before the finale.

 Chris Rating


  1. Great review! I can't believe there is only 1 more episode left, I will definitely miss the gang.

    It was really funny seeing Marshall make that series of puns that no one appreciated. Jason Segel is hilarious!

  2. Ring Bear KILLED me! I can't believe there's only one episode left. It got me thinking, how long have you guys been watching? I joined the party at the beginning of season six. I marathoned the first five seasons in a few weeks, and started watching on a weekly basis when six premiered. I imagine it would be so much more heartbreaking if I'd been watching since the first season. But then, I'd REALLY feel the hole in my heart next week. I'm curious if either of you started at the very beginning…

  3. Haha yes I started since season 1!! 🙁 That's why this is hitting me a little more than it should.. It's really going to be so, so hard to watch the finale. I am not ready for this!

  4. I actually marathoned the first 6 seasons then started watching on a weekly basis at season 7. I was watching a video the other day, the cast were on “The Talk” and Alyson Hannigan was so emotional about the show ending and the fact that she will no longer be working with Jason Segel and I was in tears! So you are right if we feel sad about this show ending then I can only imagine what those who started at the beginning are feeling.

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