Revenge 3×16 – Disgrace

"I'm here to stop you from becoming your own worst Emily."



Why does Revenge always have to stumble? I guess I got too excited because the last stretch of episodes was so fantastic, but Disgrace was a major letdown.

The problem with the show is that it keeps repeating the same mistake; every time they write out superfluous characters (Declan, Patrick etc…), they follow that up with the introduction of even more pointless people. This week we were subject to two new arrivals: Margaux’s father, Pascal, and Nolan’s ex-cellmate (and tech genius) Javier. Both characters didn’t leave much of an impression, and I shudder at the thought of having to suffer through their needless subplots and undeserved screentime.

On the bright side, the writers continued to display a great handle on Stevie’s character, as we discovered that she always believed in David Clarke’s innocence. Stevie feels like the perfect tool for Emily to use in her quest to clear her father’s name, so I do hope the writers don’t drop the ball with this one. In addition, Jack is more dedicated than ever to Emily’s mission as he provided her with evidence of Pascal’s involvement (yippy). Hey at least Team Vengeance is growing! Emily’s gotten so inept at getting things done, that she’s going to need all the help she can get.

Vengeful Bits

– So Pascal introduced Victoria to Conrad many years ago. That’s intriguing I guess.

– Hilarious moment: Emily’s “consider it a preview of my testimony” as she mocks Daniel and Victoria. A definite highlight.

– Jack and Nolan’s break-in was pretty spy-ish and unusual of the show. I enjoyed it.

– Emily’s fake slow-motion run in the Opera house was disastrously cheesy, as was Victoria’s loud outburst. Seriously? Are we just full on morphing into The Bold and The Beautiful?

– Pascal buying Vicky the dress was somewhat charming. Conrad offering Victoria to Pascale on the other hand was remarkably creepy.

– So the hard drives that Jack obtains refer to something called TWM. My money’s on The White-Haired Man.

Devious Delights

Victoria: Keep your distance Pascal. This dress may touch my body, but you’ll never be so lucky.

An underwhelming and unexciting outing of Revenge.

Nad Rating


  1. i agree with you revenges problem at this point is the fact that the writers keep adding charcters

  2. You would think a show that has no idea what to do with its current characters would not be introducing new ones but I guess that is not the case with Revenge. Pascal's scenes were forced and I am not the least interested in the whole Voulez issue with Conrad. As for Javier, well let's wait and see how he will fit into the bigger picture but I don't have my hopes up.

    I was trying to guess what TWM stands for and I couldn't tell but you may have a point there. I must say I am intrigued by Pascal's involvement in the David Clarke debacle but seriously just how many people were involved in this?! Maybe it would have been better to keep it a little more secretive.

    Emily's testimony preview scene was my favorite!

  3. Totally disappointing episode! After a series of amazing installments, this one was a “disgrace” (see what I did there?)

    It's so weird for me to watch this show on a weekly basis now! Hopefully we'll get a better episode this week.

  4. Hahah I'm just sorry I didn't think of the disgrace pun earlier Chris 😛 Now that you're watching on a weekly basis, you get to see how much we suffered through season 2's weakest moments. See how much willpower it took to stick with the show?

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