Scandal 3×15 – Mama Said Knock You Out

"It's not just the family that you're putting back together. It's the whole damn country."


I really despise the cast of Scandal.

I’m not talking about the actors of course; Shonda’s talented team of performers are some of the finest on television, but the characters they play have become severely unlikeable. Who can I actually stand? I like Mellie naturally – she’s the underdog this year and I genuinely want her to be happy. I also like Abby and her various witty zingers. But the rest of em? I’m not a fan of Liv, Huck, Quinn, Harrison, or Cyrus, and I absolutely loathe Fitz. They’ve all done some pretty despicable things over the course of the season, and it’s getting increasingly difficult to feel any sympathy for them. Sure you could argue that Shonda has crafted a pack of very well-defined characters, but at what price? I don’t enjoy spending time with these people anymore, and that’s certainly a problem.

I can’t stress how much I adore Mellie. She’s the one character who leaves me invested in the show, and I was practically screaming at the screen for her to finally reveal her rape at the hands of Fitz’s dad. Watching her husband rip into her was immensely frustrating, and yet, I somehow believed Mellie composing herself and refraining from revealing the truth. Still, I do hope that momentous moment happens soon,  as I can’t wait to see how it will alter her dynamic with Fitz.

Scandalous Bits

– The nerve of Olivia ordering Andrew to stay away from Mellie. Seriously? “Glass houses” indeed. Epic response.

– Quinn and Charlie discussing the Huck issue while drilling the man was just disgusting. Someone get rid of these two asap.

– Did anyone else laugh when Karen and Olivia stumbled onto Mellie and Andrew? No? Just me then.

– I want to say I care about Fitz and Mellie’s kids, but I really really don’t.

– Highlight of the week: Cyrus attacking Jack in the Oval Office and obviously not standing a chance.

– Maya’s call to Olivia was intriguing. Can these two interact more please? The season is almost over.

– Was anyone else surprised that Adnan faked the whole thing at Pope and Associates? You’d think they’d be smarter than that.

– Fitz punching Andrew really pissed me off. What exactly gives him the right to get mad after cheating on Mellie so callously?

– This week it was Quinn’s turn to lick Huck. Yippy. Kill me now.

– Are Rowan and Olivia finally on the same side? Also, I think I’m finally sick of his monologues. They’re starting to feel remarkably similar with the stop-start delivery and grandiose sentiments.


Olivia: Change of plans, I need you to look into the kids.
Abby: Do we think they’re funding B613?

Fitz: I am the Commander in Chief.
Jake: And I am Command, which means you don’t tell me to do anything because I am not your bitch. You are the President – your job is to shake hands, hold babies, pose with Prime Ministers, and sit down to interviews with your family. You comfort people, and you look pretty and you talk tough. You don’t DO anything.

Sure this episode was well-executed, but I’m starting to question my love for the show and these characters.

Nad Rating


  1. Hi Nad!
    Finally You start to see scandal like I did for almost half of the season. Don't get me wrong, I still love the show, but I hate the direction they're going to. First of all, gosh it is disgusting! Since Maya appeared and chewed of her wrists, it hasn't stoped being disgusting. I really don't think they need it, but it followed the route of many other american series (CSI Miami in particular).
    Well, and I think you are totally right with the fact that almost every character became unlikable. I mean they are almost all killers and the rest isn't really better. I mean seriously what is the deal with the Quinn/Huck/Charlie thing. This is so disturbing…. In my opinion the only “innocent” people are Abby and David. I just love those two. Jake went to the dark side.
    By the way I found it so hard to watch the scene where Liv told Andrew to stay away from Mellie. She is THE last person who has the right to say that.
    Oh and in your last review you said that Maya Pope and Irina Derevko where almost similar. I guess you have a point but I don't know, I really prefered Irina because she was always a huge mystery and you never knew who she was working with, what she was up to and if she was good or not. Maya is pure evil! D=
    Sooo, last but not least I hope they stop the monologues from Rowan. Yes, he's a great actor, yes the writing is awesome, but it has become so cheesy and repetitive which is a shame.
    Enough of the criticism, it's still a great show and thanks for your reviews!

  2. Thank you so much for your comment Liv ia. I'm kinda agreeing about the disgusting aspect of it all. You reminded me of the horrendous wrist-chewing incident!

    And Irina was SO MUCH BETTER. Maya really does seem like pure evil!

    Keep dropping by Liv ia 🙂

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