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The Good Wife 6×01 – The Line

"Just ignore her, that's my daughter."


Best show on television.

In Nad’s Reviews‘ humble opinion, there isn’t a single show that rivals the complexity of The Good Wife. It might have started out as a standalone legal show, but it slowly evolved into a captivating drama that reached utterly dizzying heights in season five (one of the finest seasons of television I’ve ever watched). There are a lot of expectations riding on the show’s sixth season, and if this premiere is any indication, Wife will not disappoint.

Last year’s finale ended with a major bombshell when Eli asked Alicia if she would run for State’s Attorney. Most amusingly, this monumental development isn’t even the premiere’s biggest driving force, as Carey is shockingly arrested thanks to the firm’s involvement with Lemond Bishop. The fact that the writers finally paid off five seasons worth of development with the ramifications of Bishop being a client is astounding. They could have easily kept shrugging the character to the side for a passing subplot every once in a while, but they instead pushed Bishop to center stage in a storyline that feels tremendously earned after a whole lot of investment.

In addition, Carey’s arrest intriguingly sheds focus on the fact that Alicia and company represent a very bad man, and that they’ve been doing so for years while we the audience have been blindly rooting for them simply because they’re the protagonists we’re supposed to cheer for. It’s a testament to the concept that characters on The Good Wife aren’t simply good or bad, but morally gray and refreshingly human. What a show.

Also thrilling is Diane joining Alicia (and a locked-up Carey) at Florrick Agos. The show needs to have Christine Baranski in constant orbit with the main cast, and making her a name-partner at the start-up firm is just the way to do it. Obviously she’ll also be bringing Kalinda along soon enough which will unite our entire family under one roof once again. I’m not exactly disappointed that we won’t be seeing as much of Canning, although I’m sure he’ll be butting heads with everyone quite often. David Lee however is too good a character to pass up; here’s hoping we continue to see that dastardly villain on a weekly basis.

 Bits & Cases

– I loved Alicia and Diane’s breakfast meeting as the latter demanded an equal vote and exploited Alicia’s desire to have the largest firm in the country run by women. The dynamic between these two women is always incredible.

– I don’t know why I like Fin Polmar so much, but I do. His role in this episode was subtle yet effective. Plus his playful banter with Alicia was spot-on.

–  Eli’s daughter Marissa should unequivocally join the cast full time. She’s hysterical, and I loved her confronting our panty-less intern.

– Bishop referring to Carey as “the kid” – perfect.

– It was nerve-wracking to witness Alicia and Kalinda’s various conversations with Bishop as they tiptoed around eggshells in fear of Carey getting killed.

– Is it wrong that I was extremely proud of Alicia’s amazing poll results? I can’t wait to see her kick ass in the elections.

– Robin wanting to use her own money for Carey? Broke my heart. Alicia considering a second mortgage so she could contribute? Even better.

– Sophia (Kalinda’s sex interest and confidante) didn’t really leave much of an impression. But when are Kalinda’s entanglements ever interesting? She continues to be the show’s weak spot, although I have a feeling that will change this year.

– Haunting scene with Carey’s friend turning out to be Bishop’s guy. The scene where he slices our boy’s hand was harsh!

– Beautiful moment with Alicia lying to Carey about asking his dad for the bail money. $8,000? Really?

– Super smooth move by Bishop indirectly giving Alicia the $1.5 million suitcase. That “source of funds” hearing is gonna be a fun one.

– Eli orchestrating the Castro/Peter blowout was particularly sneaky.

– How was great was this episode’s musical score? Pretty darn stunning if you ask me.

Good Lines

Carey: Can everyone just give me a break
Kalinda: Sure maybe you can call “everyone”.

Carey: This is harassment.
Cop: No this is worse; it’s inefficiency.

A powerful and gripping opener. Welcome back Good Wife, I can’t wait to see how you plan on blowing my mind this year.

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  1. It makes me so happy to see that I'm not the only one who is so darn fascinated by this show. I find myself constantly analyzing the way the characters are written and developed.

    Bishop's probably my least favorite character but I do love this show's continuity. The character has called Carey “the kid” once before (in season 4 I think) so I was at awe that he used it again here. The writers continue to absolutely amaze me every chance they get.

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