Arrow 3×06 – Guilty

"If I wanted to give my daughter a polygraph, I'd have done it back when you discovered beer."


I didn’t like this one. Not one bit.

I know Arrow isn’t a subtle show, but the parallels between Ollie/Roy and Ted/his useless apprentice were much too heavy-handed. It’s like the writers didn’t even try to be the least bit nuanced about it, and instead decided to pound this week’s lesson over our heads with a sledgehammer. Also, why is Oliver suddenly so judgemental about killing? Has he forgotten all the lives he took way back in season one? Hiss holier-than-thou attitude this week was out-of-character and ridiculously unbelievable.

Honestly I’m disappointed that Roy didn’t kill Sara. That horrifying twist would have actually made his character infinitely more interesting as the writers have struggled with him since the moment they introduced him on the show. He just never felt like an actual person to me – always relegated to playing Ollie’s sidekick or Thea’s on/off boyfriend. I just doubt the fact that he killed a cop is going to be much of a thrilling plot development going forward. Talk about a missed opportunity.

Speaking of characters that don’t feel believable, Ted Grant is simply not working for me. From a pure plot perceptive, he serves his purpose as Laurel’s trainer, but J.R. Ramirez is a pretty wooden performer, and I have yet to find myself intrigued by anything he does. Maybe if he eventually suits up as Wildcat, he can start making some impact.

In other news, the Hong Kong flashbacks continued to move at a snail’s pace. This week, in their quest to capture China White, Maseo and Ollie tried to unlock the latter’s memories of a dead drop message. It was all pretty boring and unexciting, and in yet another example of lame parallels, Ollie used the same technique to unlock Roy’s memories. I use the word “technique” with caution, because that’s a strong word for lighting a candle and telling someone to breathe in from their nose. Seriously writers?

And finally, although I appreciated the fact that you could spot Cupid throughout the episode, that ending with the flame-haired archer’s arrival (“I’m Cupid, stupid”) was beyond atrocious and cheesy. Are we supposed to take this character seriously? Because even in Arrow’s comic-book world, I don’t think I can buy her and whatever tone the show was going for. I guess I should prepare myself for the third weak Arrow episode in a row. Darn.

Bits & Arrows

– I’ll admit that the sight of the drug dealers strung up from the ceiling looked super dark and cool.

– Why did Oliver remove his mask while talking to Laurel in freakin’ public?

– The fight scene between Ollie and Ted was pretty lame. Ramirez’s stunt double was painfully obvious.

– When the highlight of your episode is Ollie’s organic use of the boxing glove arrow, then you know this was a weak outing.

– Great performance by Cassidy as Roy revealed that he “killed” Sara. And Diggle sure wanted to throw him under the bus quickly huh?

– Did Oliver actually fall off his bike? Ha!

– Laurel swerving the car was cool. Her needing to be carried out like a damsel in distress was not. That’s certainly not how you build up your new heroine show.

– Admittedly touching Bromance moment between Ollie and Roy as the protege asked his teach to never “abandon” him.

– I liked Ollie saying “Arsenal” should be Roy’s name. It was a smooth nod to the comic and it felt organic (unlike the rest of the hour).

Starling Quips

Oliver: Masks are also useful for serial killers.
Ted: Says a guy currently wearing one.

Ted: This is where I kept my supplies. A safe place separate from my day job. I’m sure you’ve got one just like it.
Oliver: Mine’s bigger.

Oliver: You’re playing a very dangerous game, Laurel.
Laurel: I can handle it.
Oliver: No, you can’t. Because you haven’t realized that it’s not actually a game.

Ted: How do you two know each other?
Laurel: We used to date.

Lance: (to Laurel) You sure can pick ’em.

Oliver: Another vigilante.
Diggle: Looks like we started a movement.

Maseo: Have you ever heard of steganography?
Oliver: Is that the dinosaur with the plates on its back?

Messy and haphazardly constructed, Guilty is Arrow’s weakest episode in a long, long time.

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