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The Good Wife 6×10 – The Trial

"Oh, dear God, this is a nightmare. The only bad people to have in your life are teachers. I'd trust assassins over teachers."


Could it be? Will The Powers That Be actually put Carey in prison for at least the forthcoming future?

The trial itself impressed me with its use of perspective. Sure it might have been a tad gimmicky and random, but it was admittedly fascinating to watch various perspectives within the courtroom unfold. Geneva Pine and the hearing-impaired juror both had amusing points of views, but it was Judge Cuesta who was the most absorbing. It boggles the mind that a judge could let his personal life (with something as banal as a concert in the afternoon) dictate his decisions and hastiness, but it also felt very human and realistic. I tremendously enjoyed this experiment.

But it was Carey pleading guilty at the end that was this week’s most powerful gut punch. And I couldn’t be the only one who got all teary eyed when Alicia sobbed and hugged her dear friend? That moment truly broke my heart, as it’s astounding to see just how far these two have come. Watching them grow from rivals to such close confidantes has been fantastic, and I have complete faith that Michelle and Robert King know exactly what they’re doing with regards to these characters and the show’s eventual ending.

In addition, Alicia threatening to knife the teacher was an extremely enjoyable subplot that delivered some nice comedic contrast to all the grimness. It’s always great when Alicia has to adapt to some crazy new situation, and watching the teacher try to barter with Alicia in exchange for the note provided an interesting look into Alicia’s new status quo (should she win the election).

And finally, just because I can’t get enough of Alicia and Finn, the writers went on ahead and had them to set “rules” for their “friendship”, before having them enjoy an improperly date in a blacked-out diner with pancakes and some seductive accordion music. Yep, it’s all pretty priceless, and I’m anxiously waiting for these two to just lock lips already.

Cases & Bits

– Judge Cuesta loves carrot-flavored everything. Hilarious.

– Jackie’s back! Well only for a scene, but she’s always missed (kind of).

– Alicia was quoting High Noon? Her love for this show knows no bounds.

– Now the credits are kind of normal again. I’m confused. Am I seeing things?

– So was Pine was sleeping with the detective/witness? Still not enough to make her interesting.

– I was actually confused when Pine’s words were getting jumbled until I realized that the juror had a hearing-impairment. Genius trick, show.

– Brilliant moment for Alicia’s character with her telling Eli and Elfman that she won’t be like Peter. Let’s hope she stays on this path.

– Loved Judge Cuesta testing the juror’s hearing capabilities and proving him wrong.

– Kalinda got a standout scene this week: her visit to Bishop where she practically threatened him with his son. I honestly thought he was going to choke her right then and there (tsk tsk), but he cunningly took it out on Carey afterwards by screwing him in court.

– Another heartbreaking moment: Carey holding Diane’s hand. Damn. Please give her more to do.

– Hilarious moment: Diane asking Alicia if she really threatened to knife a teacher.

– Fun fact: Judge Cuesta is the first judge we ever met on the show, way back in the pilot. THAT’S continuity people.

– Loved the reveal that Peter bought the teachers with seats on the commission so they could defend Alicia on TV. He’s still as sleazy as ever.

– For a second there, I actually thought Carey would take Bishop’s job offer in Europe!

Good Lines

Pray: Uh-oh.
Alicia: I’m really starting to hate those syllables.

Alicia: We meet in brightly lit diners, not bars. Pancakes, not drinks.
Polmar: Yes. And we… talk about… the law.
Alicia: Great. With accordion music.
Polmar: Well, unfortunately, accordion music kind of turns me on.

Alicia: I’m not going to be like Peter.
Eli: (to Elfman) You know. Ethics.

Not exactly mindblowing, but still a terrific and solidly-written hour of The Good Wife. It’s going to be a long wait.

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  1. The storyline involving Cary really had me at the edge of my seat and hit me with the emotional impact of its bleak outcome. I understood what drove Kalinda to try blackmail Bishop into helping Cary but for a moment, I feared for her during that kitchen scene. I have a feeling that the only way for Cary to be free of this is for Bishop to go down hard.

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